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Monday, April 09, 2012

Fly the Scary Skies

Two Airline employees got their wings clipped last month when they freaked out while on board. The times of the Mind Blowings occurred at about the same time in the morning so that Jupiter in Taurus is suspiciously close to the Ascendant. Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius and is connected with flying through its rulership of long distance travel. So, the charts are friendly to the ideas of something going on in the Airlines.

The North Node is currently in Sagittarius, which is Jupiter's sign, and that indicates something typically Sagittarius will be connected with events. Lots of child molestors being caught in the public school system in California.

And Jupiter is in a Grand Trine aspect with Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo. Pluto is in the 9th House of Air Travel in this case. Mars is Retrograde in Virgo, the sign of one's job and health issues. Mars is in the 5th House in both charts, but is only one degree past conjunction with the 6th House of Health (ruled by Virgo). So it has been passing through this house for the 2 hours before the flight. And, it has been in this house for about the past one or two months every day at this time so there is build up.

Uranus and the sign which it rules, Aquarius, are also sort of connected with Airline travel, mostly of the outer space kind. After looking at the videos of these two poor employees I'd say that they were definitely having the ride of their lives in Outer Space. Mostly it seems like someone's been slipping the flight crew some meds and letting them exhibit some PTSD concerning all the fears related to their jobs, but what do I know? It looks like maybe the stress of working in the airlines has finally taken its toll. I remember losing a couple of dentists during the beginnings of the AIDS scare back in the 80s in San Francisco. I can only imagine how different people must look when you have to try to read whether they have a bomb on them every day all day.

Jupiter in Taurus has been in a Grand Trine configuration with Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo. Mars has been involved in the configuration for an extra long time because of its Retrograde. Virgo is a sign connected with nerves, worries, anxiousness, insecurities, and one's job and daily habits and diet. Pluto has been in Capricorn. Capricorn rules one's Career, as opposed to daily job, and also rules repressed emotional feelings like deep depression. Jupiter is a freedom loving planet associated with feelings of optimism and boundlessness. It's problems arise because it overdoes everything. So the big trine aspect maybe contained these aspects in a sort of cess pool which finally came out. Mars-Jupiter-Pluto working together in a Grand Trine will show a lot of success in some way. I can only look at this figure in relation to these events with a ?

Perhaps these guys overloaded on sugar right before the flight. The chart definitely shows that. Noel Tyl swears that Venus-Jupiter connections are signs of Diabetes and Glucose problems. Jupiter here is in Venus' Sign and right on the ascendant which rules the physical body. In an event chart it will show the person involved. Just read that highly chlorinated water becomes poisonouswhen mixed with some thing else .

Venus is in conjunction with Jupiter and Lilith in the first house of the chart when the Stewardess lost it. Venus rules women, of course, so this describes a woman acting out, especially in connection with good old Lilith. The stewardess admitted that she is diagnosed Bipolar.

Stewardess flips out while airplane is taxiing, American Airlines 2332 scheduled take off from Dallas/Ft.Worth 8:25 am to Chicago O'Hare land around noon

March 9, 2012 8:25 am Dallas-Forth Worth, TX

Sun 20 Pisces (H12); Moon 6 Libra (H6) ASC 26 Aries; MC 16 Capricorn; NN 10 Sagittarius (H8)

Venus is in later degrees of Taurus when the pilot flips out but is still in the first house and rising over the ASC all through his episode. He is said to have come to the flight preparation late so it is assumed that he was having troubles before he actually started having problems in flight.

Pilot flips out while JetBlue flight 191 in midair, 191 departs JFK Airport NY,NY 7:28 am.

March 27, 2012 about 9:30 am over Texas
emergency landing 10:11 am LT Amarillo, TX

Sun 7 Aries (H12); Moon 20 Capricorn (H1); ASC 15 Taurus; MC 29 Capricorn; NN 9 Sagittarius Rx (H8)

The pilot, Clayton Osbon, is said to have told the CoPilot that someone was observing his behavior that day. No shit. That comment freaks me out no end. Both charts have Sun in the 12th house of Pisces which among other things rules secret enemies and terrorism. So the 2 crew members could have been slipped a mickee. These were particularly good days to do this because Mercury and the Moon, rulers of one's mental health on a physical level were in difficult aspects with each other.

The Stewardess, I believe is 42 or 43, and so just past her Uranus Opposition and Neptune square, a time when people sort of "rewire." Mercury here is at 7 Aries c. Uranus 4 Aries (H12) squaring Pluto 10 Capricorn and opposing Moon 6 Libra (H6).

Mars 12 Virgo Rx (H5) is conjunct H6 cusp by a degree, is opposing Chiron-Neptune and is grand trine with Venus-Jupiter-Lilith 5-9 Tauurs (H1) and Pluto 10 Capricorn. Mars' energy is sort of stunted, bringing back past trauma because of Rx and is strongly influencing the chart as lead of a Locomotive Chart shape. The Moon is just past Full and is traveling Fast.

The event chart for the Pilot's adventure down the aisle has Moon 2 Gemini (H1). Moon is in Mercury's sign and is highly conflicted because in a Grand Square configuration on the angles. It is conjunct the SN opposing the NN in Sagittarius (H7) and is squaring the opposition of Mars 6 Virgo Rx (H5) to Chiron-Neptune 2-8 Pisces (H11). He is said to have a sideline business selling some sort of Diet Drink which is probably loaded with Splenda and Psychosis. Mercury 27 Pisces Rx in H11 in wide conjunction with Uranus-Sun in H12.

The pilot is said to be 49 years old. So, he's just past his 4th Jupiter Return and heading into his Chiron Return. There are only reports about how this is atypical behavior for him. Scorpio is on the Descendant so I'm good with that idea. The FBI is said to be holding him in psychiatric treatment in an undisclosed location.

Did you ever read about those burgluries of all the psych meds last year?

Mar. 14, 2010 12:00 am Enfield Connecticut, late Saturday or early Sunday night.

Sun 24 Pisces (H3); Moon 6 Pisces (H3); ASC 6 Sagittarius; MC 24 Virgo; NN 18 Capricorn (H2)

Giganormous Stellium at the bottom of the chart opposing Saturn up in H10 on an AP, 2 Libra. Well I don't know what time it actually happened but the burglars came in through the roof.

Stellium: Neptune 28 Aquarius-Chiron 28 Aquarius-Moon 6 Pisces-Jupiter 14 Pisces-Mercury 24 Pisces-Sun 24 Pisces-(MC 24 Pisces just at midnight)-Uranus 27 Pisces-Venus 9 Aries.

No updates in the investigations of where these pharmaceuticals went which is mighty suspicious considering how dangerous they can be.

Would certainly be interesting to see the natal charts.

Computer's wigging out. Sorry about typos.

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