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Monday, April 23, 2012

Who's Zoomin Who? Hypersonic Airplanes, Meteors and North Korea

Just read an article on Yahoo about a spacecraft which was launched off the coast of Central California last August.  This thing reaches top speed of MACH 20.  It fell into the Pacific Ocean after only 9 minutes of flight.  That's not so bad if you realize that it was created to blast around the World in less than an hour.  It would only take 12 minutes to jet from L.A. to New York.

What really attracted me to today's story was the factoid that it flew so quickly it flew right out of its skin.  Made me wonder what was going on with Saturn and Capricorn in the chart.  Those are the astro rulers of the skin.


I can't find an exact launch time.  Someone who blogged about it wrote at 2:49 pm that it had launched roughly 3 hours before time of writing.  At 2:49 pm Saturn would have just passed over the Ascendant (Skin on Face(H1)). Saturn was maybe emphasized because unaspected by major aspect to major planets.  

Falcon HTV-2, 
Aug. 11, 2011 about 11:49 am PDT  Vandenburg Airforce Base, California

Sun 19 Leo;  Moon 26 Capricorn (approx);  Ascendant maybe Libra;  MC Cancer or Leo;  NN 21 Sagittarius Rx

Lots of Saturn-Capricorn-H10 in the potential chart.

Moon in Saturn's sign.  All falls down with that one.

And up in Saturn's House 1 the Sun was conjunct Venus in Leo at 18-19 Leo.  Good time for a chemical peel on the face.

So, and yeah, look at that Mercury Rx at 29 Leo.  It seems that blast offs into Outer Space don't give a hairy fig about Mercury Rx but I think that the folks at DARPA (don't have a clue what that stands for) ought to pay attention to Mercury Rx.

Supposedly this is the 2d test launch for this Hypersonic aircraft.  The first one was launched in 2010 and I can't get the info straight.  The current news says that it also landed in the Pacific Ocean after a 9 minute flight. But, other articles say that it dropped into the ocean at 4:21 BST (British Summer time, I think that's 8:21 PDT time but can't vouch for it).  These reports say that it had a flight lasting 36 minutes which doesn't make sense because it would have been halfway around the world by then.

Mercury was also Retrograde on that day at 12 Taurus.

HTV-1 Falcon Hypersonic
missing Apr. 22, 2010  4:21 pm BST, or maybe 8:21 am PDT 
so launch would have been either 9 or 36 minutes earlier.

Sun 3 Taurus;  Moon 14 Leo;  NN 16 Capricorn

Yesterday morning there was a bright flashing light and sonic boom which was heard-seen-felt all over California at around 8:00 am. I'm just going to be a conspiracy theorist here and wondering if maybe they are related?  You didn't hear it from me.

This flight had a big outer planetary lineup.  Jupiter was conjunct Uranus in Pisces (sorry I didn't write down the degrees) and opposing Saturn 30 Virgo.  

Big Boom in California, unexplained phenomena, they say it's a meteor

Apr. 22, 2012  7:52 to 8:00 am California/Nevada

Sun 3 Taurus;  Moon 18 Taurus;  ASC 3 Gemini;  NN 8 Sagittarius Rx, MC 14 Aquarius

Mercury 6 Aries c. Uranus 7 Aries
Saturn 26 Libra Rx and unaspected in H6

Great aspects for a meteor huh? Moon conjunct Jupiter in Taurus just passed over the Ascendant. That's like a big f@art, but you didn't hear that from me. Just happens to have been perceived out there near Area 51.  But you didn't hear that from me.    

And North Korea made good use of that Mercury-Uranus conjunction in Aries and Saturn to threaten to pulverize South Korea.   Scary.  Wish that hadn't really happened.

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