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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring equinox 2013

A little late here. Read robert wilkinsons forecast for the spring equinox over at Aquarius papers. Really interesting review of how the sun at previous spring equinoxes has been in square with Pluto for the past few years and how that has subsided. Or, as we often see with both the sun and Pluto, they are finally manifesting. Chart for how the u.s. will handle this energy which kicks off the astrological wheel. Spring equinox March 20, 2013. Washington, D.C. Sun 1 Aries, h1, moon 8 cancer, h4, Asc 25 Pisces, mc 27 Sagittarius, nn 20 Scorpio Rx Looks like a real trigger happy chart with 1st house stellium of Venus 28 Pisces- sun 1aries-mars7 Aries-Uranus 8 Aries in the first house squaring moon 8 cancer in the 4th house. Mars and moon are in their own signs. So, what baby wants baby gets. Venus is in her opposite sign and both her houses are empty. So impulse control is not really in style right now. People are very grabby. Interesting that real estate is back. The stock market has broken record highs. Venus rules the 2 house and she's in conjunction with both the 1st house sun and the ascendant so people are starting out this season with more cash than usual. Ruler of the chart is Neptune which, like mars and moon, is in his own sign and also in his own house. He is in conjunction with mercury which rules the Virgo descendant. So, civil rights is maybe going to get some attention. There may be progress in that regard as this conjunction is involved in a grand water trine with moon in cancer and Saturn in Scorpio h8. Water is receiving a lot of attention this year as all the mercury retrogrades are in water signs. This could indicate heavy emotions, heightened psychic abilities, going with the flow or stagnating in the pond. Or getting flushed out with the tides. Grand trines bring luck, hopefully. Will be interesting to see if this affects the drought and flooding situations. Don't expect anyone to tell you the truth about anything. Artists may finally get some mojo. About time. Looks like a lot of espionage and sabotage. Don't use public wifi. Read the book by Robert Duncan called soul catcher to see what the government is maybe up to. Then turn everything off. Crowd control. This chart has a pretty difficult tsquare. H1 mars-Uranus is squaring moon opposite Pluto h10 in Capricorn. That shows some serious startitis. Lots of energy if people are able to control their impulses and think about the other guy. This is also violent. Saturn is in Scorpio in the 8th house so he's pretty ruthless this year. That's house of death, murder, other people's money. Everything that happens with regards to government could be behind the scenes. Jupiter rules the midheaven and he's placed in the 3 house. So media, religion, p ublishing, law, education could provide some opportunities. If you're a spy the government is probably hiring. Oh, this chart has a significant yod pattern. H3 Jupiter in Gemini is apex to a sextile between Saturn in Scorpio h8 and Pluto in Capricorn h 10. This is an aspect which requires social skills, conformity, professionalism.


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