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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Bette Davis' Eyes

Humming along with the 70s on the radio these days and heard the song "bette davis eyes." Began to wonder whether bette davis chart would sync with rod Stewart's chart. That's because I thought that rod Stewart was singing the song. He wasn't. Kim carnes was. Maybe I'm not the best person for this job it on well here goes. Bette Davis Apr. 5, 1908. 9:00pm. Lowell junction, ma. Astrotheme Sun 16 Aries, moon 17 Gemini, Asc 19 Scorpio, mc 1 Virgo, nn 9 cancer Kim carnes July 20, 1945. 10:14 am. Pasadena, ca Sun 28 cancer, moon 6 Sagittarius, Asc 21 Virgo, mc 20 Gemini, nn 10 cancer What rules the eyes? In astrology, the answer gets confusing. Often it is thought that one eye is ruled by the sun and the other is ruled by the moon. In women, as we have here with these two charts, the moon rules the right eye and the sun rules the left eye. At least I hope that's how it goes. I think here the moon stands out. These women shared their nodal returns within a degree in the sign of cancer which is ruled by the moon. They also share a mars return at the end of Taurus. Kim carnes recorded the song in 1974 which was her progressed lunar return, secondary. That emphasizes her lumar projection for that year at least. Her sec. Prog. Venus and north node were also in conjunction in cancer and in conjunction with bette davis natal Saturn. This happens in carnes natal 10thvhouse. That gives some career success for both. The song was written by two women which lends to the female energy of the moon. I haven't looked up their charts. It's interesting how bette davis is described in the lyrics as looking like a spy. Davis had a Scorpio rising. Her cancer nn was in scorpios house 8 and in conjunction with Neptune, planet of de emotion. Probably also connected with the windows to the soul imagery which is often connected with the eyes. The ascendant and midheaven is what you're known for and how people perceive you. Neither woman had a lunar Asc or midheaven, but the midheaven in their composite charts is 26 cancer. As for rod Stewart. I guess other people think he sang the song as well. Happens he was a Capricorn born the same year as Carnes and also has cancer north node. I know him best from his butt because my roommate in college had a picture of him and it tightly packed into 1970s hiphuggers hanging over her bed. Anyway, the confusion with Kim carnes and bette davis eyes also makes sense since Stewart's natal nn at 19 cancer is in conjunction with his midheaven at 22 cancer. Rod Stewart B. jan. 10, 1945, 1:17 am forgot to write down place, astrotheme Sun 20 Capricorn, moon29 Scorpio, Asc 17 libra, mc 22 cancer, nn 19 cancer So I guess the connector point between the charts and the eyes is the moon here. Quite the hairy set of eyeballs n that woman. She was a brilliant actress.


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