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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Would you care to cut the cheese, or shall I?

The Smoking Gun website published a pretty funny letter about a workplace incidence which seems ultra Virgo in more ways than one. A social security office in Baltimore Maryland has an employee who was so unable or unwilling to refrain from passing gas while sitting at his desk that his coworkers were forced to document each fart with a date and time stamp. Virgo rules the workplace, of course. Virgo also rules the intestinal tract and probably also is connected with allergies. This all started in may last year just as the 6 month long Mars Rx passage through Virgo was wrapping up. Mars was in opposition to Neptune, the planet of gas. One can see, as documented, that the farting reached a peak while the sun was passing over the last days of Virgo. Shine on Harvey moon. So, mars and sun in Virgo show anger and public health issues in the workplace, as well as fire in the belly. Time to end ones relationships with dairy and gluten.


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