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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mary Baker Eddy

Since most of the most hated people in the news these days are cancer suns. And I am a cancer sun and am going through an intense gang stalking campaign. Not the most popular situation to be stuck in. Since this seems to be going on, some asshole wrote out the whole list of cancers saying it doesn't surprise him or her a bit but you can google it to see if you can find the list. one of my gang stalkers left a comment on a blog that I used to comment on telling the pregnant writer that at least her baby would be a Gemini and not a cancer. They do this all the time. The baby was late and ended up being born at 1 Cancer. The tech industry is full of cyber stalking, most of the employees do this at this point, 22 year olds who make starting salaries at 70 or 100 thousand doesn't exactly create a humanitarian society, and they take over your entire online presence and spread lies about you. And these 22 23 24 year olds are interesting because they born during the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in capricorn. That happened right on my natal moon which I guess is partly responsible for their attachment and obsession with me. They are mostly absolutely rotten people, but wealthy, and they have status which they haven't earned, and are no doubt very talented at basic materialistic forms of science. that's as far as Capricorn goes in most people's lives. When it goes beyond that its the most brilliant sign, of course. What interests me is that I'm forced to seek help from various get help people in order to deal with my issue. Police give referrals to psychiatrists and not to private investigators or lawyers. Media won't touch it because of racial tensions. Psychiatry equals abuse as is typical for my generation. And then my search involves asking for help from religious people. Most medical in my area is dominated by Catholicism and has become a big avoid, stories one can't tell. And the religion which I have naturally gravitated towards has been Christian Science. And I don't know why but I've heard some amazing testimonies during this time but have been warned from others to stay as far the ef away from this as possible. I think Im attracted to the articles in the christian science monitor. Turns out that the creator or Christian Science, Mary baker eddy, had a conjunction of Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn in her own chart. So continues my eternal quest to self destruct by being attracted to that which wants to kill me.


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