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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Chiron and Bridges

The best lecture I ever heard about Chiron was given at an astrology conference in Los Angeles years ago. The lecturer was Georgia Stathis and she was discussing financial astrology. But she pointed out that Chiron's orbit is set within our Solar System between the planets Saturn and Uranus and seemed to act as a hybrid mediator-type of energy between the issues associated with those planets. So Chiron can act as a sort of bridge between what Saturn does and what Uranus does. In astrology Chiron is the myth of the teacher of great heroes of Ancient Greece. He was also a healer who could heal everyone but himself, so often Chiron is interpreted as a problematic part of our lives which we struggle to fix. And I'm saying all this from memory, and Leo mercury doesn't always have the most factually accurate memory so don't quote me. In Greek myth Saturn and Uranus don't get along and are typically shown by problems associated with the hippie generation. They rule two adjacent signs Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn is jealous of his son Uranus and tries to eat him in a psychotic fit. Uranus rebels against the uptight traditional rules and conventions of his father. Georgia Stathis' insights are portrayed literally in today's article in the san jose mercury news in a front page article called "state's bridge quality wanes, thousands of aging structures 'functionally' obsolete, experts say.". Article written by Pete Carey, Lisa Vorderbrueggen and Steven Harmon. The article discusses the condition of California's Bridges. This is in reaction to 2 big news stories right now. First is of a bridge collapse in Washington state which occurred on Thursday night (May23) and of a problem with defective bolts on a bridge in the Bay Area. The article says that the average age of California bridges is 44.4 years old. And here's the kicker from page 9. The average life span (no pun intended) of a bridge is 50 years. That's a Chiron return. Go Georgia Stathis! When building bridges maybe it's good to look at the relationship between Saturn and Uranus in a chart to make sure they are cooperating with each other. It does seem that a lot of issues regarding infrastructure started around the time of the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-square. I do think I was writing about this before the fact. Maybe best to leave Pluto out of the equation when building bridges and bridge parts during that time. It's too much stress on Saturn and plutos desire to destroy things along with Uranus' need to surprise people. Great for parties and innovation and plot lines. Not so hot for material world construction? California has a natal conjunction of Uranus-Pluto in Aries so should e going through some big growth and change of the uranus-pluto square these days. And I think is probably going through or a out to go through a Neptune return. Haven't looked at the Washington tragedy astrology.


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