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Monday, August 12, 2013

Cool Cancers

Just heard that the guy who runs the Tesla car company has just started a new company that, in theory, will blast people from Los Angeles to San Francisco in a half hour.  The company is called Hyperloop and the guy is Elon Musk.  I don't know anything else about any of this.  Musk started Paypal before he started Tesla.  He's a Cancer Sun, one of the Cardinal Signs, so he likes to start things.

Elon Musk
B. June 28, 1971. Pretoria, South Africa

Sun 7 Cancer, Moon Virgo, NN 16 Aquarius

This reminded me of two other amazing Cancers.

There's Richard Branson who started out in record stores and then started an airline and now is sending people into outer space and who knows what else.

Richard Branson
B. July 18, 1950. 7:00 am, Blackheath, U.K.

Sun 26 Cancer, moon 2Virgo, Asc 16 Leo, NN 1Aries

Then I looked up Arianna Huffington because how great is she?

Huffington is a writer kind of gone wild.  She went to school at Oxford then I don't know what's she did.  Then she started an online newspaper before probably anyone else did.  Really amazing that she was born 3 days before Richard Branson so something magical was happening that week.  Mars conjunct Neptune in Libra.  Jupiter opposite Saturn.  Uranus square nodal axis exact on the Aries point at 1 Aries.  How's that for innovation and startitis and public appreciation.

Arianna Huffington
B. July 15, 1950. 3:00 pm
Where?  Greece?  I forgot to write it down.

Sun 23 Cancer, Moon 27 Cancer, Asc 20 Scorpio, mc 30 Leo, NN 1 Aries.

All 3 are immigrants to the United States.  I think that might be a sun in cancer issue as well.

Hey, it's much easier to use blogger now that I found the app.


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