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Monday, August 26, 2013

La bikini

There's a TV ad running right now which shows a reenactment of the inventor of the bikini cutting the first cloth.  Sounds biblical, doesn't it?  I can't remember what the commercial is advertising but I was curious as to whether my astrological guess that whatever sign Venus is retrograde in will become the fashion statement of the year.  

Let me admit right here that I have no sense of fashion but was raised by woman who did (books that need to be written about Sagittarius mothers).  And the post in which I explored this theory, if its still on the blog and unadulterated by hackers, was about bad fashion trends.  Bikinis on beautiful women are probably good fashion trends.  

Retrogrades typically are thought to represent the badness of a planet.  Retrogrades, however, can be viewed for what they are which is neither good nor bad, just a question of how one paces ones self.  Rxs are when the orbit of the planet appears from earths viewpoint to slow down and move backwards because of the elliptical nature of the orb.  its best to look at a picture rather than a long explanation and i dont do pictures.  Retrogrades, therefore, are about orbits and point of view and give us a sense of our own limitations. This can lead to frustration or to depth of understanding. Rxs feel like they are pulling us back just because the planet is spending way too much time in a sign.  This simply gives a person a long time to take advantage of that planet in sign energy.  And things that take a long time often come come across as punishment. 

I also wondered if Venus Rx for 1946 would be in a double bodied sign which would represent the 2 pieces.  That would be either Gemini or Pisces or Sagittarius.

Anyway, the bikini bathing suit debuted on the earths stage on July 5, 1946 in France, I think in Paris, by an engineer.  I don't understand why an engineer would invent the bikini but I know they have long lunch breaks in France and long vacations so they have a lot of time to sit around thinking of fun things to make and do.

Debut of bikini 
July 5, 1946 France

Sun 13 cancer; moon Virgo or libra; nn Gemini

I'd like to think that the Moon (women,breasts and belly) here was on the Aries point of Harmony and beauty which is Libra.  Either way, these symbols of nakedness did get women in touch with both their inner  anorexic and outer cellulite.  

Venus in this chart wasn't retrograde.  She was in Leo.  So the double bodied thing and the Rx thing don't pan out here.  My theory is still sort of interesting.  The bikini was named after the first atomic bomb test which occurred days before at bikini atoll which went off days before on July 1. The Venus retrograde for the year was in October and it was in the sign of Scorpio which is pretty nuclear bombshish.  I don't know where bikini atoll is.  It may have been bombed to bits and no longer exists.  Wikipedia will have the answer.  The launch chart has no retrogrades.  Scorpio, of course, is ever sexy and ever extremist so Venus Rx in Scorpio so a long retrograde in this sign would set the tone for giving people what they are in the mood for.

The nature of the launch chart has an interesting chart shape which can be similar to a nuclear bomb blast.  All the planets are held within a trine between Jupiter-nn 20 Gemini and Uranus 19 Libra. ( Those degree numbers may be reversed.)  Either way you can feel the tight orb of the two happy planets.  North node node-jupiter in Gemini represents the 2 piece and Uranus in libra represents ladies fashion.

I Had always thought the bikini was invented in the 1960s when it became so popular.  This was when Uranus in pisces and Pluto in virgo were in opposition and people were wearing flowers in their hair and stripping naked on stage.  I guess that's when the polka dots came in.  I can't link to the song on this program but you know the shtick.  Itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini.


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