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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Autism, Vaccinations, and 1st Planetary Cycles

I'm fiddling with child development as related to 1st planetary cycles and various traumas, mostly divorce.  I thought I might propose a way of trying to track how a child will react to vaccinations according to when they are given vaccinations and booster shots as related to transits, cycles, progressions.  The idea here is that if a child has a tricky chart or transits which propose a bad reaction in some way then maybe it would be good to try to schedule around the transits and progressions and planetary cycles.  Autism is now diagnosed very early on so the cycles that could be involved would be Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Mars.

Age of onset of Autism in infancy appears as impaired social attachment. This links in nicely with the Mercury and Venus cycles which occur roughly 2 months to and after the first Solar Return (1st Birthday). Venus in Taurus Rulership = how we attach to things and Venus in Libra rulership = how we attach to people so Venus would be very much involved here.  Mercury rules communications in Gemini rulership and analysis in Virgo rulership.  So Mercury's involvement is also easy to see.

It's interesting that metals associated with those planets are thought by some theorists to be the reason why the autism happens.  Mercury rules Mercury, or quicksilver.  Copper is associated with the planet Venus. I don't think Copper has been considered part of the Autism problem.  Aluminum is ruled by Uranus which is the upper octave energy of Mercury.

Both Mercury and Venus are never farther from the Sun than by 2 signs.  So the Sun may also be involved. Sun rules vitality so is always to be considered in any health picture. I'd imagine that it would be best to try to get vaccinated on a day when the Sun is strongly aspected by transit in most cases unless the Sun in the natal chart is weak. Children under a Sun aspect might scream more so bring earplugs.  At least the kid is in fighting mode.

Autism is often diagnosed close to the first Mars cycle so it would be good to look at Mars.  The metal associated with Mars is Iron.  Mars rules the Head and Brain in Astrology (or partial rulership with Mercury and Venus).  Mars rules Motor Coordination.  Mercury rules fine motor coordination.  Venus probably rules fight or flight lower brain stem stuff.

Uranus which rules all circulatory systems such as blood and nerves.  

There would be many aspects to look at.  I've mentioned the first planetary returns because these are considered by some astrologers as traumatic events within the soul even if not connected to anything in the outside world.  There's a great book by Betty Lunsted called Planetary Cycles.  I had been looking at charts on this topic for 2 years before I found it and I promise you the information is right now and it's well written.

Kids have their brain innoculated right out of their heads during their first year.  I think it would be great to check the vaccination schedules against the first planetary cycles and partial cycles (square, trine, opposition) with charts of kids who have illnesses which are suspected of being caused by vaccinations.   The most difficult transits in the early year could be the first mercury and Venus squares and oppositions.  It's difficult to say when these will occur be ause they are particular to each babies birthdates and the irregular motion of the transiting planets.

It is good to notice if either of these planets is retrograde at birth.

Then it is good to notice if there are significant Retrogrades during the first year to natal planets.  These would be great days/weeks to avoid vaccinations, I imagine.

If Mercury and Venus are in major aspect or in conjunction (associated with health) to other difficult planets Pluto and Neptune might show poisonings.  Uranus can cause all kinds of weird and unpredicatable things to go wrong. Saturn will show fear and sluggishness.

An interesting exercise is to find out when the first Mercury and Venus returns occurred in relation to the first Solar Return (1st Birthdate).  For example, if a child has his first Venus Return before the first Birthday and his first Mercury Return after the first birthday.  How does this affect his communication style as opposed to his social attachments and his self confidence (Sun)?Or any other order?

If one were to theorize, one might suspect be that a child with first returns of Venus or Mercury which happen before the first solar return would show a child whose vitality might be hampered by overstimulated mercury or Venus. That doesn't work in the only example I can think of.  Actors Marilyn Monroe and Andy Griffith were born on the same day and so both had first Mercury and Venus returns before their first birthdays.  They were famous actors, very Solar people who found great success in life early on. They went into their first birthdays with very well developed Mercury and Venus transits as both planets had moved full cycle through their charts already.  There's a lot more to look at here but I'm going to drop it.  I don't think either Monroe or Griffiths would have had vaccinations because vaccinations hadn't been invented yet but haven't looked it up.

On the other hand, Mercury and Venus returns which occur after the first solar return might show a sluggish communication or social interaction which suffered from a slow first planetary cycle which included a retrograde. This child might be more cautious in life but also miss out on opportunities because of reticence.  Retrogrades create long transits which mean that a person has to spend a lot of time digesting that one energy.  Sometimes that's good and sometimes it's bad.

Article saying that the courts have affirmed that autism is probably connected with vaccinations.http://intellihub.com/2013/08/11/courts-quietly-confirm-mmr-vaccine-causes-autism/


Thought I would look up the chart of Temple Grandin who is a very famous successful person with autism. Also, her birth data is available.  Unfortunately I can't find when Grandin was vaccinated so I'm just going to lay out the dates and hopefully not say too much else.  

Grandin was born in 1947 which coincidentally is the year that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended routine use of the DPT vaccine.  This was a lethal combination super charger vaccination which lambasted the kids with too many different sauces and is thought to have been responsible for early examples of autism.  I think the whooping cough, pertussis vaccine, was defective as well.

Temple Grandin (from astrodatabank)
b. Aug. 29, 1947  2:30 pm
Boston, Mass

Sun 6 Virgo;  Moon 15 Aquarius;  ASC 13 Sagittarius;  MC 4 Libra;  NN 28 Taurus

Grandin is a Virgo Sun which means that through her Sun Sign alone she has a charged nervous system. This also explains why she's good with animals because Virgo is the sign of the Household Pet.  Her South Node is Scorpio which might show a toxic system of some sort which wants to purify. Interesting that Taurus is the sign of her North Node. Taurus is the sign of attachment to objects.  I remember Grandin describing how she slept in a special bed which hugged her and made her feel secure. 

Astrodatabank says Grandin was diagnosed at age 3 but the Wikipedia article says she was diagnosed in 1949 at age 2. So, herewego. She had delayed speech development and didn't start talking until she was 4 years old.  This could show some sort of Mars Return thing or it could show a Jupiter thing depending on the dates.  Mars returns occur slightly faster than every two years.  Jupiter's first return isn't until about age 11 or 12.  It's first square to natal position is around age 3.  It's first trine is around Age 4 which is roughly the same time as the 2d Mars Return. The Jupiter partial cycle transits at these ages are connected with language development.  Grandin has Jupiter in the 11th House so it makes sense there would be something unusual going on here.

Grandin's natal Mars is at 11 Cancer and has a strong, difficult presence in her chart.  Mars is in Cancer is in the sign of its fall.  Mars wants to go and do, Cancer wants to feel and react. This could be a positive influence for having parents who help during illness and also of doing constructive work around the home.

Mars is also emphasized in Grandin's chart as a singleton in Cardinal and is out of bounds at 23 degrees, 30 minutes.  

Mars is in Grandin's 7th House along with Uranus which is also out of bounds.  7th House is the house of partnerships and Uranus isn't really known to attach to other people's emotionally as easily as some of the other planets.  Uranus likes to be in groups rather than one on one.  Gemini is on the Descendant. So, seeing all these mental, freedom loving planets in the 7th House really does make sense in someone who is described as having an "Attachment Disorder."  

7th House Mars is squaring natal Neptune-MC in Grandin's chart which could show some sort of poisoning through needles.  This is a strong angular square. 

Her chart has more independent freedom loving aspects.  

Grandin has a big close conjunction of the Sun-Mercury-Venus in Virgo in her 9th House.  

She also has Sagittarius Rising with ruler Jupiter in Scorpio in her 11th House.  Jupiter/9th House rules Advanced Education and Grandin has advanced degrees.  

The Sun-Mercury-Venus are in close conjunction.  Her first Mercury Return occurred before her first Birthday.  Her first Venus Return occurred after her first Birthday.

There was a very interesting conjunction of Mercury RX-Venus Rx to Temple Grandin's natal Uranus 28 Gemini at the end of June (29th) in 1948.  This is before her first Birthday.  This would be a very traumatic spiritual event affecting communication, ability to relate to others and her nervous system.  It would have happened in her 7th House of relationship as that is where Uranus is.  

natal Mercury 7 Virgo
first Mercury Return Aug. 20, 1948.  Conjunct Sun and Saturn and opposing Moon.  It was a full Moon.

natal Venus 5 Virgo
First Venus Return Oct. 10, 1948.   Conjunct Saturn 4 Virgo and South Node 6 Virgo.

natal Mars 11 Cancer
First Mars Return  August 7, 1949.  Conjunct Uranus 4 Cancer and squaring Neptune 13 Libra.
Mars has a Retrograde once every 2 years.  Grandin's first Mars Rx stationed right over her natal Sun-Mercury-Venus conjunction and then retrograded back to her natal Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Leo.  This could show some serious inflammation and infection.


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