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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Rim Fire

The wilderness near Yosemite fell to the 4 th largest wildfire in california history.  The fire started on August 17, 2013.  The first report was called in at 3:25 pm pdt.  Closest town was Groveland, CA.  

The chart for this time gives an ascendant of 15 Sagittarius and a midheaven of 3 libra.  

Sun 26 Leo, moon 12 Capricorn, nn 12 Scorpio Rx.

aDDITION. 9/10/13.  The fire is thought to have been started around 3:00 pm and is thought to have been started by a hunter.  Sagittarius rules at that time.  Hope the hunter wasn't using a bow and arrow.  

The chart is interesting because the outer planets are all in strong aspect with each other and most of the inner planets are unaspected. So, there is no connection between the inner planets and the outer planets. The exception is the moon which is in conjunction with Pluto in the first house.  

Venus is in her own sign and is in conjunction with the midheaven.  Maybe a woman called in the report.  The good news is that no deaths have been reported.  There was a big loss to the tourist industry in the area.

The other inner planets are in the 8th house of crisis.  Mars is unaspected at 24 cancer.  The sun and mercury are in conjunction with Ceres as an unaspected island at 18-26 Leo.

As far as the outer planets go, it looks like they take over the chart.  Jupiter 12 cancer is conjunct Lilith in the 7 th house.  That sort of says that a woman, a drunk or stoned woman, may have started the fire.  There is a lot in the chart showing a vengeful woman, could be mother nature.  Jupiter-Lilith trines a conjunction of Saturn -nn in Scorpio in the 11th house.  Jupiter is opposing moon -Pluto in Capricorn over the 1st-7th house pole and this is in a t-squared with apex Uranus at 13 Aries.  The grand water trine between Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune is just about to break up.  I wonder if grand trines aren't common in these huge fires.  

Water water all around, yet not a drop to drink.  A little quote from the rhyme of the ancient mariner....

Really great job done by the firefighters.  This could have destroyed Yosemite.  It almost destroyed the water supply to San Francisco.  I send my condolences to those who lost a home or business.  

Below is a list of the biggest wildfires in Recorded california history.  I added the Santiago fire to a list which is linked to below.  

Interesting how Uranus seems to rule the reason for most of the wildfires.  To of 20 listed 2 of the causes are unknown.  One is arson which would probably be mars-Pluto.  Lightning is the most common cause.  Actually Jupiter should rule lightning because that was his deal in ancient mythology (Zeus).  Other reasons are power lines, human accident, both Uranus with Pluto and mars.  Oe of the fires was caused by vehicles (mercury).  Sparks are related to Uranus and mars.  

Santiago canyon fire Sep. 24-26, 1889. Orange and sad Diego counties

Sep. 1932. Matilija fire

Sept. 26, 1970. San diego.  Laguna fire. Power lines.

Aug., 1977.  Marble cone fire.  Monterey.  Lightening.

July 16, 1985.  Wheeler fire.  Ojai, ventura county.  Arson.

Aug., 1987.  Stanislaus Complex.  Tuolomne county.  Arson.

Aug., 1990.  Campbell complex.  Power lines.

Aug. 1996.  Hwy 58 fire..  San Luis obispo county.  Vehicle.

Aug. 23, 1999.  Big bar complex.  Trinity county.  Lightning.

July 21-aug. 29, 2002.  McNally fire.  Sequioa national park.  Tulare county.  Human related.

Oct. 25, 2003 first report 5:37 pm pdt.  Cedar fire.  San Diego county.  Human related.

Sep. 28, 2005 - Oct. 2005.  Simi fire.  Ventura county.  Under investigation.

Sep. 4, 2006.  Day fire.  Ventura county.  Human related.

July 4, 2007.  Zaca fire.  Built on, Santa Barbara.  Human related.

Oct. 20 - nov. 9, 2007.  Witch creek fire.  San Diego county.  Power lines.

May 22, 2008.  Iron alps complex.  Trinity county.  Lightning.

June, 2008.  Klamath theater complex.  Siskiyou county.  Lightning.

June 23, 2008.  12:15 pm.  Basic complex fire.  Big sur.  Monterey county.  Lightning.

Aug. 2009.  Station fire.  Los Angeles.  Human.

Aug. 12, 2012. 6:42 pm.  Ravendale, ca.  Rush fire.  Larsen county.  Lightning.

Aug. 17, 2013. 3:25 pm. Groveland, ca.  Rim fire.  Tuolomne county.  Cause yet to be determined.

Here's a list of the biggest fires in California's history. 

List:  http://media.nbcbayarea.com/documents/calfirelist2.pdf

CalFire site is excellent for providing dates, times and places.



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