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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Candy's Dandy, But Liquor's Quicker

Hey, I thought that candy and booze are not healthy.  Guess virgo is all about the individuals daily diet wherever it comes from and however its prepared.  Good or bad.  I mean, is that stuff that comes in the plastic bagging in preparation for a forking and a microwaving really any better for you than high quality bourbon whisky downed with a dark chocolate bordeaux? Well, it must not be.  Turned out that both Mary See of sees chocolates and Jack Daniels of the super excellent ferment were both Virgo suns.  So happy birthday Mary and Jack.  So happens, they are both having Neptune returns in Pisces right now as well.  Why do I keep hearing Mary Poppins singing about a spoonful of sugar?  I do remember reading somewhere that after the Galveston hurricane in the early 1900s everyone was required to help clear the corpses.  They were offered as much booze as necessary in order to be able to complete the terrifying job.

Rex Bills' rulership book claims that candy is ruled by Venus and Jupiter.  Wikipedia says that Mary see was the inspiration for the company.  She didn't create the business or run it.  Her son and daughter in law did.  But I imagine that her candies were the inspiration.  Mary see had sun, mercury and Venus in Virgo.  Nothing left her kitchen if it wasnt perfect.

Jack Daniel's chart is really interesting.  His 13 virgo sun was accompanied in that sign by jupiter at 29 virgo.  Daniels' mercury, venus and mars were all in the sociable sign of Libra. Without a birth time can't say what the moons location is but the noon time chart has a new Moon in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces.  This  means thAt the two rulers of booze, moon and neptune, are in major aspect to each other and to the sun.  Just the right chemistry experiment for just the right stress.

Jack Daniels was born a couple of days before California  was admitted to the union so he shares a conjunction to the degree between Uranus and Pluto at 30 Aries.  Hs conjunction of mercury 9 libra and Mars 9 libra is also exact to the degree. Those are great aspects for creating firewater.

Jack Daniel
B. September 5, 1850. Lynchburg, tn

Sun 13 Virgo, moon Leo or Virgo, nn 14 Leo

Mary See
B. sept. 15, 1854. Howe island, ontario Canada

Sun 23 Virgo, moon Gemini or cancer, nn 26 Taurus


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