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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Child's first Jupiter square and first Jupiter trine and theta wave brain activity

Excellent video about mind control.  Dr. Nick begich.

 Really interesting how Dr. Begich compares theta brain waves of the sleep cycle with child development phase of children between aged 3 and 5.  Childrens brain waves at this age spend a lot of time in theta stage.  This is the sleep cycle which in adults is between being awake and being asleep.  Children at this age confuse reality and fantasy.  They also increase language skills such as grammar and vocabulary.  I equate this phase with Jupiter and also with Neptune because Jupiter used to rule Pisces as well as Sagittarius.  A child goes through a first Jupiter square at around age 3 and a first Jupiter trine at around as 4.  Little girls fantasize about being fairy princesses.  I don't know what little boys fantasize about.  Children are just learning to play with others.  They are fascinated by keeping secrets and learn about telling lies.  Most Californians never progress from this stae.



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