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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy Jupiter Return Glenn Greenwald!

Jupiter rules publishing, journalism, and law. And what bigger name on the world stage right now in those areas than Glenn Greenwald.  Greenwald and Laura Poitras who must have some Scorpio going on in her chart because I can't find her birthdate anywhere, have been involved in revealing the NSA surveillance scandal based on findings of Edward Snowden.

Glenn Greenwald
B. Mar. 6, 1967 New York, NY

Sun 16 Pisces, Moon Capricorn or Aquarius, NN 9 Taurus

Greenwald is currently going through his 4th Jupiter Return.  His natal Jupiter is at 25 Cancer and is involved in a Grand trine with Neptune 25 Scorpio trine Saturn 1 Aries.  Saturn is on the Aries Point which means that he is meant to have a public career.  The Jupiter-Neptune trine (plus natal Pisces Sun) involved shows humanitarian ideals hook into his interests in journalism and law.  Cancer is the sign which shows The Public and Greenwald is exposing abuses of the public's trust.  You're supposed to get a boost in luck during a Jupiter Return. Adding the grand trine triples the chances of luck.  (Not all of us have a lucky Jupiter ).

Right now Greenwald's natal Venus 14 Aries is also very active.  Natally his Venus is unaspected so doesn't interact with the other planets in his chart.  It must go its own way. Normally Venus doesn't like going her own way but Greenwalds is in fiery Aries. Aries likes to do its own thing and Venus can be confused in this sign.

Natal  Venus was hit by the Eclipses last April and the big grand square of Mars-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto.  That's a heavy load and Greenwald must feel he's in completely uncharted territory.

There's even more as Greenwald's progressed Mercury is in conjunction with natal Venus at 14 Aries as well.  He has also partnered with a woman, documentary filmmakerLaura Poitras, in his work which is one possible manifestation.  Venus rules women.


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