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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Facebook, Messing with Your Emotions

Facebook hired a guy to manipulate almost 700,000 users feelings to see if positive and negative feelings expressed on the site would spread from user to user. Supposedly, they suppressed messages so that some users would only receive either positive or negative vibes and then facebook tracked the reaction.

According to the NY Daily News article linked to below the study occurred between Jan11 and Jan 18, 2012.  It looks like it may have been part of a larger study which went from January 2009 to March2012 which included researchers at UCSD and Yale.


A little MKULTRA action in the technology world?  Hey, if this is what they're admitting to then just imagine what they're really doing. Real life is always creepier than anything an artist can imagine, that's for sure. Here's the astrology for a 1950s horror movie made real.

This study was done while Venus was in conjunction with Neptune in Aquarius (feelings/the other/money).  When the study began Venus/Neptune was opposing a Leo Moon.  It was in conjunction with Chiron in Pisces (wounding, teacher, healer expressed through hypersensitivity, institutionalization, jail).

When the study ended a week later Venus had moved into Pisces still in conjunction with Neptune 30 Aquarius and was squaring a Sagittarius Moon.

People would have been more sensitive while this study was going than they normally would be.  Venus/Neptune was also in positive aspect to an opposition of Jupiter 0 Taurus to Saturn 30 Libra.
This shows something happening on a social level.

Mars was in Virgo (clinical study) and about to go retrograde. Extended period of time in that sign. Great for data collection and critical thinking especially when done for purposes of marketing studies.

They should have redone the study during the April eclipses this year to note whether people were feeling as affected by other people's feelings.


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