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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Mercury Stationing Rx at "The Intercept"

Glenn Greenwald announced that his online publication "The Intercept" would publish its biggest story yet.  This would be a list of U.S. Citizens who are/were on the NSA surveillance list.  He announced on his Twitter feed that the story would go live at midnight last night.  I was wondering how that would go with the Mercury Station retrograde in Gemini (news writing).

Turns out "the Intercept" was intercepted and Greenwald announced that further investigation would be necessary. He did so around last night at 7:00 pm.

I'm not sure of locations for these announcements as Greenwald lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but may have been traveling.  Interesting that the Sun (limelight) is opposing Pluto (powers that be, investigations, research).  Oppositions rule oppositions, of course. I can see how unsafe publication of this information could be as it would hurt legitimate investigations (NSA must go after at least a few criminal along with all the innocents ).  It could also destroy reputations of innocent people who are wrongly being investigated as they would be shunned by their communities who of course will side with the NSA.

If you would like to know what police "investigation " and harassment can be like (called gang stalking in the colloquial) you can read stories about how the police harassed another cop in Florida.  The cops name is Trooper Donna Watts. She managed to finger at least 100 other cops by tracing how many times her personal information was accessed via the DMV website. It's determined that her personal privacy was violated.  There is also a description in a Guardian article about how police harassed illegal immigrants in Forks, Washington. The police tend to follow the people around and intimidate them.  Modern journalism will report on this harassment if it's done to illegal immigrants but not if it's the other way around.  Once a group of people is gang stalked by the police they tend to find targets of their own to take out their aggression a on.  Gang stalking is known as no touch torture in the psyops community.


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