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Monday, July 07, 2014

Laura Poitras

Yay!  Laura Poitras' birthdate is now available on her Wikipedia entry.  She's the documentary filmmaker who worked with Glenn Greenwald to bring Edward Snowden's whistleblowing to the public.  She's also a heavily awarded documentary filmmaker who was nominated for an oscar in 2006.

The drum roll please....Poitras is a Capricorn.

Laura Poitras
B. Jan. 16, 1962. Boston, Mass.

Sun 26 Capricorn; Moon in Taurus or Gemini; NN 19 Leo

Filmmaking is shown in Poitras chart through Neptune (film, arts) square Leo north node( arts, entertainment).  Neptune in Scorpio stands out in the chart because it's a singleton in Water. Neptune 14 Scorpio is in a tight square aspect with Mercury 14 Aquarius-Jupiter 15 Aquarius.  Mercury and Jupiter are co rulers of journalism and they are in the sign of Aquarius which rules humanitarian philosophy and rebellion.  They disposit to Uranus which stands out in the chart as another singleton in Fire.  Mercury and Jupiter are also in conjunction with the south node in Aquarius which ties the journalism and filmmaking talents in with the life path (nodal axis).

What I was curious to look at in Poitras chart was the intense harassment she has gone through by border security agents.  She was stopped at least 3 dozen times while trying to reenter the United States. Her electronics were seized and her journalism compromised by the lack of privacy.  This began after her success with the film "My Country, My Country" about people living in a U.S. Occupied country, sorry forgot if it was Iraq or Afghanistan.?????  The harassment seems to have
abated when Glenn Greenwald wrote about her situation on Salon.com on April 8, 2012. You can get the link to the article in one of the footnotes on her Wikipedia entry.

The astrology for harassment by border security is interesting.  I looked for Saturn influence as Saturn rules borders. I think Sun might also rule borders but that's an opinion that probably only I have. Doesn't matter because Poitras has sun in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) in conjunction with Saturn 2 Aquarius.  That's a strong joining of planets covering a border (the cusp between signs) right there. Add in the mythology of the struggle between Saturn and his son Uranus and it shows Poitras struggles to the t. I cant go into it because I'm on ipad and it's too much typing.

Poitras' Sun-Saturn conjunction is strongly enhanced in her chart because it's part of a stellium with Venus and Mars in Capricorn and is an island configuration that isn't connected with other planets by aspect.  Therefore, she has to go through some sort of extreme isolation. Grand inquisitions will certainly isolate a person.  6 years of them!

So, the harassment began I think in 2006. The solar arc chart shows something interesting. Most of Poitras planets were arcing through the sign of Pisces at that point.  Pisces rules many fine things having to do with the arts and filmmaking and compassion and loss of boundaries.  Pisces also rules jail and institutions and bureaucracy.  During the next 6 years the big square of Neptune to mercury-Jupiter changed signs and arced over the Aries points. Mercury-Jupiter moved into Aries and Jupiter moved into Capricorn. The big cardinal T-square transit was also hitting these points at the same time which hooked her into the massive surveillance security mess of her country. No bigger signatures of border patrols than planets passing over the APs.

This was great for career as Poitras became more and more successful.  Her work and her life melded probably a little too well. Only a Capricorn-Aquarius type would be able to hold it together under these circumstances. Unfortunately, Poitras also became more and more "known" to the lovely folks at the NSA and whatever other government agencies involved.

There is a connection with Greenwalds' chart. The big mars-Venus-sun-Saturn island was arcing over his Pisces Sun during this time. His writing was able to expose the harassment which hopefully has stopped.

Shucks, I can't roll up to retread what I just wrote.


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