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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Opening Bell - End of Quantitative Easing

The Fed had a meeting today and cut its six years long cord of supporting the economy by dumping lots of money into it. The Rising Sign for the Stock Markets Opening Bell chart has just changed signs to 1 Sagittarius. 

Saturn rules H2 from the 12th house and Moon rules 8th House from the 2d House. Moon in Capricorn disposits to Saturn (the fed) and is conjunct Mars and Pluto in the 2d house. Interesting that the market wasn't volatile today and only dropped 19-20 points.  Mars and Pluto like to cut things off so maybe this is a lesson on how to deal with that volatile aspect in the future. Do it first before it is done to you.

The Sun is conjunct Venus (money) in Scorpio so disposits to Pluto.


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