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Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Next Federal Reserve Announcement Opening Bell

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 will be the next meeting of the Federal Reserve. Am looking at the Opening Bell chart for that day. The Market is teeter tottering and preparing for a freefall based on the fact that prices are probably as high as they are going to go and money will move back into safer savings investments once banks begin to offer higher interest rates. At least, that's how I understand things and I may not understand things very well. Only about 13 or 14 percent of Americans own individual stocks at this point. I think that statistic is pretty much the same for amount of Americans who suffer serious mental illness and there is probably a correlation. Investing has become a large institutional and corporate thing (Neptune?).

Opening Bell
Sept. 17, 2014 9:30 am

Asc 28 Libra; Sun 25 Virgo; Moon 12 Cancer; NN 20 Libra

Venus rules the chart through the sign of Libra, so Diplomacy and government service is indicated.

The Presence of the Sun and Moon in the chart are both enhanced. Sun in Virgo is unaspected so the Sun (ego) doesn't flow with any of the other planets. The Sun in opening bell charts is always in the 11th house, at least so far that's how it's been. Virgo is a nervous sign but also heavily connected with markets and marketing. The moon is in its own sign of Cancer, which is good, but is opposing Pluto. This opposition is intercepted in the 9th house-3d house which sort of stresses it out, or at least brings whatever it's doing to the fore. In these houses, this shows emphasis on communications and announcements. Could also show an announcement connected to some sort of international conflict (opposition). Political problems is also reflected in the Jupiter-Saturn square which is angular from H10 to H1.  The Feds' presence is showing heavily in the chart in the 1st house Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn in Scorpio reflects good timing so wonder if any big announcements will be made since this time of year and the current market looks to drop at any time. Scorpio rules other people's money. Saturn can bring a cautious, wait n see sort of attitude towards whatever it touches. Although the markets have reached record levels during this transit, these two together can bring loss, probably much cash has been lost due to not having a safe haven for investment. The announcement crossing the H3-9 pole will reflect some very well educated guesses.

Mars is the lower octave of Pluto and is now in Sagittarius. Wonder if this transit will be a little mini version of the Pluto in Sagittarius transit. Lots of rodeo riding. Would hope that it will bring optimism. inflation and luck. This isn't the best time of year for riding a bucking bronco, though, as the market might plunge.

Pluto in Capricorn seems to have had a leveling effect so far, since the ingress into Capricorn in 2008 the market has moved up, with a lot of bumps. Its location in the Opening Bell charts has shifted at this time of year. Pluto is in the 3d House of the Opening Bell charts instead of the 2d House. It's about to move into the 2d house under the Libra Sun.

Saturn in the 1st made me want to look at Yellen's chart since Saturn represents the Feds and Leaders. Yellen chart is amazingly hooked in with this current chart.

Janet Yellen
August. 13, 1946

Sun 21 Leo; Moon Aquarius or Pisces; NN 19 Gemini

Difficult to read ChairmanYellen's chart without a birth time because the placement of her Moon is important for the reading. It's possible she was born on a full moon which is involved in a Kite formation. That's if she has an Aquarius Moon. She may have a Pisces Moon which is the same as Ben Bernanke. Her Moon is likely handle of a bucket shaped chart which adds to its emphasis.

At any rate (pun intended) it's possible that Yellen was born with no major challenging aspects except for the opposition between sun and Moon. That means that her easy going Leo and libra planets could smooth over this stressful transition time. Hope that's how it works. Yellen has 4 planets in Leo (Saturn, mercury, Pluto, sun) and 4 in Libra (Mars, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter). Her Leo sun is currently conjunct transiting Jupiter and square transiting Saturn. Maybe political strife will deter focus from the stock market to politics and nobody will pay attention. Im sure she's hoping that her actions won't create any political problems. Will have to ask CNN to play some interesting video clip over and over and over again. It's always mesmerizing when they do that and could create some sort of catharsis for the traders.

Also interesting is that Yellen has a conjunction of NN 19 Gemini to Uranus 21 Gemini that trines natal Jupiter 23 Libra. This is mirrored in the sky right now by transiting Jupiter 14 Leo-Lilith 15 Leo) trine Uranus 16 Aries-SN 20 Aries. This trine plays out in house 6 ( jobs, labor, public health) and house 10 (president, ruler, Feds) of the Opening Bell charts. This trine is due to turn into a grand trine with Mars in Sagittarius in another week or so. That should be good right? Maybe even great, right? A fire grand trine should at least be good for energy stocks, shouldn't it? Don't know what this means. Everybody likes Janet Yellen, so maybe everybody will like the stock market this month?


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