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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Unclaimed Lottery Prize

I finally figured out that most of the Lottery drawings aren't done in California.  Duh. Obviously, I'm the proverbial 3 hours behind.

So, in preparation for what will have to be a huge win for somebody due to the upcoming Mars-Jupiter-Uranus Grand Trine, I was trying to figure out where the little balls will be drawn. Apparently, it's not set in stone but usually the Powerball is drawn in Tallahassee, Florida at 11pm Eastern time and the MegaMillions are drawn in Atlanta, Georgia at the same time.

So, someone out there who I presume has mid degrees fire ranting hot and heavy in his or her chart will win mambo buckaroonies within a week. Actually, more likely, I have that and it's hitting my Mercury-Uranus so I'll probably just say something bad and get tossed in jail. I can't imagine this transit not manifesting gloriously, though, so I'm playing along with Lady Luck.

But, really, what caught my eye right now, is the page on the lottery website which shows that 3 massive winners from the past 2 years won and never claimed their prize. One really struck me because the winning ticket was hand picked, not randomly picked by the machine. That's so Neptune. You know the uber psychic person just forgot about the ticket, put it in their pants pocket, and then ran it through the washing machine. The ticket probably broke up into little pieces that the person had to spend weeks picking off clothes. The ticket was bought in a gas station (Neptune) in Fresno. I think the lottery should track the person down with the videotape from the security cameras. Not many people handpick their tickets.

213M$ Winning Powerball Ticket, hand picked, never claimed
Drawn Oct. 23, 2013 11pm Tallahassee, Florida.

Sun 1 Scorpio; Moon 29 Gemini ; Asc 8 Cancer; MC 23 Pisces ; NN 8 Scorpio

The Sun is conjunct the NN right in that difficult set of degrees at the end of Libra/beginning of Scorpio, forget what it's called. The Sun and the NN don't like to be in conjunction because they fight for supremacy, or so I've heard.

The Sun is in a Grand Trine with the Moon on an AP in the 12th house and, you got it, Neptune in Pisces in the 9th house of Good Luck.  So we have a big winner.

But, what about the ticket?  Look to 3d house?  There we have Mars (impulse, good number picker) at 6 Virgo (yeah, it went through the wash) opposing big old rosy fingered Neptune in Pisces (gas stations, forgetfulness, psychics, etc.etc.etc).

Yeah, really, they know exactly how the numbers were picked so they no doubt know the exact time that they were picked and have the security video of the winner. That's all the police need in order to track a robber, why can't they track the winner?

Anyway, Good Luck to all us mid fire people this week. Somebody ought to win.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there, it is me, klin. LTNS.
I deleted my blog a long time ago and have been dealing with some health problems (still am).

I have a question if you have time. Have you ever seen a configuration of Jupiter rx in Gemini semi-sextile Mars rx in Cancer semi-sextile Saturn rx in Leo?

Normally I would consider this minor (sextiles, semi-sextiles, meh), but it's caught my curiosity, since all three are rx and also either in fall or detriment.

Hope all's going well with you.


3:55 PM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Hey Klin, sorry to hear you've had health problems. Hope things turn around for you soon.

I don't know anything about the configuration you mentioned. A semi sextile ought to be a positive influence. Maybe would bring out the positive sides of the placements. Jupiter, mars and Saturn together might like to build things for social use, in these signs. Jupiter sextile Saturn is a social influence. With mars in cancer in center could involve family.

It would be interesting to progress the figure by solar arc to see if any significant event occurs when the string aligns. I.e. When solar arc mercury hits n. Mars, solar arc mars will hit natal Saturn and solar arc Saturn will lead. Oh, maybe it's the other way around with jupiter leading. How many degrees is a semi sextile? 15? That could show some sort of 15 year "cycle?" The houses involved would be important.

That's my guess. Nice to hear from you.

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha, you always have such good insights and you always get me thinking. Social uses, yes, and possibly family connections? Cancer (mom), Gemini (sibs), Leo & Saturn (father)?? Maybe a patched together or blended family?

I'm not going to be able to go too far with this chart, though. A friend gave me the data--it's of one of her co-workers and it's a productive working relationship but not personally great, so there's no birth time and location and when I mentioned the importance, she couldn't picture herself asking.

Weird thing is, it's a pretty good looking chart. The only obvious hard aspect is Merc sq. Pluto. What's interesting is she says the guy talks alot, which seemed odd but then I thought, well yeah, Pluto and compulsion, right?

Anyway, apparently he presents real well outward and upward, but isn't liked or trusted too much by those with whom he works on a daily basis.

So that's that. On the home front I'm going to be a grandmother next spring. And there will be some family signatures. My daughter and I both have Sun/Uranus (She has Sun/Jupiter/Uranus/Neptune and I have Sun/Mars/Uranus)and if this baby is born around the due date will have Sun/Uranus/Mercury.

So I'm trying really hard to follow through with my doctors and get myself in better physical health. Gotta be ready for this big event :)

Thanks for your thoughts--Klin :)

8:37 PM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Oops, semi sextile is 30 degrees, not 15.

Congratulations on becoming a Grandmother. How exciting. Yeah, take care of yourself.

8:48 PM  

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