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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Jupiter-Saturn Square

Richard Nolle describes the Jupiter-Saturn square aspect over at his website, Astropro.com (link below).

There are waxing (separating) squares and waning (approaching) squares. Everything the faster moving planet can do to the slower moving planet in the challenging square aspect.

Jupiter in Leo squaring Saturn in Scorpio is a waning square and refers back to whatever happened back at the original conjunction 14-15 years ago back in 2000. I think it was in Taurus and was affiliated with a big Market crash. The Tech industry was in a big bubble at that time and was most affected. Although the next couple of months celebrate an approaching square within 3 or 4 degrees' conjunction, Jupiter and Saturn will separate for a while. This conjunction is not going to be exact for another year, until August 2015.


The 3 conjunctions will be Aug. 3-6, 2015 at 29 Leo and Scorpio,

Mar. 19-26, 2015 at 17 Virgo and Sagittarius,

and May 23-31, 2015 at 14 Virgo and Sagittarius.


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