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Saturday, September 13, 2014

The "Wow" Signal

Found this article through the Fringe Radio's Facebook post...


 It's about a radio signal received from outer space back in 1977 which may be from aliens. It's called "the Wow Signal" because the researcher circled the code on the readout and wrote "Wow" next to it.

Interesting how we're so close to having a Nodal Return of this time. Back in 1977 Pluto was conjunct the North Node and, in the chart, this was in the 7th house conjunct the cusp. Shows a pretty intense relationship crisis of sorts. The code has never repeated, but maybe we'll get something before the Uranus-Pluto square loses touch with the Nodal Axis.

August 15, 1977 10:16 pm EST (11:16 EDT) Delaware Ohio
signal lasted 72 seconds

Source: http://www.bigear.org/Wow30th/wow30th.htm#est

Sun 24 Leo, Moon 8 Virgo, Asc 10 Aries, MC 5 Capricorn, NN 17 Libra (h7)

The signal was coming from the sign of Sagittarius. Only planet in Sagittarius was Neptune which is most elevated planet in the chart and conjunct the 9th house cusp (Sagittarius' cusp) to the degree.  Neptune is a boundary planet of a bowl shape chart. The opposite end of the boundary is Mars 20 Gemini in the 3d house of communication.  The planet Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is also in the the 3d house. Maybe it was Rod Serling's ghost who was making contact. (Just checked, Serling died in June, 1975)

I hope I'm using the correct chart. I'm not sure if I've used Standard Time or Daylight Time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for posting this... although I'm not really sure what it all means, lol. Astro-jargon isn't my thing, really, sorry!

I was born five days after this event and have a bowl-shaped chart. You mention that Neptune forms the boundary of such a chart, but what does that mean?

Since this event is so close to my birthdate (and I was overdue by a few days, so it seems to have had some effect on my mom, if not on me directly) I'm wondering if there are any astro theories bouncing around about what, if anything, this signal could mean for 1977 Leos/Virgos? Could it means anything specific for people who are born with Neptune in Saggi? I'd be interested in hearing any ideas you may have about it!

10:15 AM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Hello and thanks for visintg. The bowl shape happens when all the planets are on one side of the chart. The planets that are on the ends of the bowl are the boundary planets. In this case mars is most important because he's the first planet by sign in the bowl. Neptune is last. In a bowl shaped chart there can be a feeling that half of the personality is somehow missing and is seeking fulfillment by searching for the other half in life. Whatever that means to you.

Neptune spends about 13 years in a sign so is considered a generational planet as so many people have it. Neptune in sagittarians probably have potential as a group to be far seeing and maybe interested in opening the boundaries created by Sagittarius. This could focus on subjects ruled by Jupiter such as law, publishing, higher education and anything involved with giving opinions or searching for higher wisdom of right and wrong. Neptune is emphasized in a persons chart as a boundary planet in this case by being the last planet a transiting planet will pass over when it moves out into the empty side of the chart. I don't know but I imagine this would indicate a time of change in how a person thinks about his life. With Neptune in Sagittarius there might be a sense of adventure combined with a psychic sense of how vast and potentially difficult life can be. There are millions of ways to interpret these aspects, depends on each individual chart. I recommend bob marks website for good descriptions of bowl shaped charts and Neptune in Sagittarius. I m bad at interpreting birth charts as static objects as I see them constantly in motion and under the influence of all kinds of transits, progressions, etc.

10:35 AM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

P.s. Wow! Is an excellent expression of how I imagine Neptune in Pisces to manifest. Something happens that is completely beyond belief but achieved through thorough investigation, education and science.

10:37 AM  

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