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Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Money Man

The Bulls. Those Tauruses. You may not want to let them into your China Shop but I've got news for you, you are letting them do whatever they want with your money. Taurus rules Banking. It rules the Second House of Repositories. Haven't you ever wondered how the Bank takes your money, pays you to keep your money, and manages to make gobs of money off of your money? Why can't you make that much money off of your money? Ask a Taurus. Actually don't ask the Taurus, he'll charge you for his services.

This piece was going to be called "The Chart of a Total Jerk." It's inspired by the front page story from last Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle about a guy named Marvin Jeffery, an Identity Theft Thief turned Police Informant turned Con-Man turned Accessory to a Shooting of a Policeman turned Escape Artist. The Chronicle told the story of his life (including Birthdate!) which is the story of a guy with an ever-escalating criminal history. He got caught for his first cash scam at age 18 and has been in and out of jail ever since. Instead of staying in jail, however, he managed to con the police into letting him out as an Informant. The only person he informed on was an old childhood friend to whom he had sold an AK-47. This guy, David Hill, shot and killed a well respected police officer a few days later. The day after that, Marvin Jeffery turned his friend in. Then the Police realized that their informant couldn't be trusted. Now everyone hates him, he has been trusted by and has ratted on all sides, the police, his friends, his community. And he has vanished.

Why so lucky? How so smooth? Hope he's not knocking on your door asking for a cup of sugar, sugar.

So, Marvin Jeffery, born April 29, 1980, San Francisco, CA. Sun in Taurus, Moon in either Libra or Scorpio. Scorpio, of course, also rules the financial resources of others. Stock Brokers, Insurance Agents, Tax Men. Jeffrey's noontime chart shows Sun opposite Moon, but that probably would change with a birth time.

Taurus rules money and banking. More predictable than just about anything else in astrology, if you know someone is a Taurus, you know they are very conservative and covetous of their money. They're cheap. If they're generous, it just means they sharing stolen goods. And you trust them. They're calm and easy going. It makes sense that a Taurus who decides to go bad would runs an identity theft ring or some other money making scam, once the Taurus Sun progresses into Gemini it can split off into any personality they want. Jeffrey's nickname around the neighborhood was "The Money Man." I began to remember the Leonardo diCaprio movie about another famous "Money Man." Turns out, Frank Abagnale, the star con artist character in Catch Me If You Can celebrates his birthday just days before Jeffreys. His birthday is April 27, 1948.

Man does not live by Sun Sign alone. Jeffreys is so skilled because of multiple aspects in his chart. First of all, he's got a Grand Fire Trine between Neptune (Deception); Mercury in Aries (Fast Talker); and Mars in Leo (Cool Cat) c. Jupiter in Virgo (Analytical). A Grand Fire Trine person will be very enthusiastic and idealistic, it's the rolling stone that gathers no moss. He doesn't necessarily want to wait for what he wants though, he'll just take what he needs right now. Jeffreys' Pluto is opposite his Mercury. That means he doesn't always mean what he says but he's shrewd about what he says and it works to his advantage. Jeffrey's Neptune is opposite his Venus in Gemini. He loves Glamour, Glamour loves him. Also, Venus in Gemini likes to make love through talk, they're the multi-taskers of the lover's set and flit from flower to flower.

Right now transiting Pluto is conjunct Jeffrey's natal Neptune. Pluto rules Fame, Murder, and the Police, not necessarily in that order. Connected with Neptune it's called the "Total Wipe Out." It can be perfect for pulling a disappearing act especially when hooked into a Grand Trine. The Police are very very angry with Jeffreys. He, no doubt is angry with them. The Chronicle put his story on the front page of their Sunday paper saying that they were looking for him but neglected to publish his photo. Pluto conjunct Neptune Grand Trine at its best. If they plan on catching him, they'll have to do it when Saturn hits his natal Mars, otherwise, the Double Jupiter square that comes right after that may get him off the hook once again. He could mistakenly brag to someone about his exploits and blow his cover, or he could find a lucky lucrative job offer overseas running more financial schemes.


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