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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Water Walls

Water signs are psychic. They know no boundaries in the physical sense of the word. Nothing shows this more than the buildings created by Modern Architects. If you want to see how Water Signs view the world, just take a look at the following architects' works. The walls undulate and flow, they meet up at all kinds of angles rejecting the Classical 90 degrees. They make use of glass to play with the idea of inside versus outside.

R. Buckminster Fuller: Grand Water Trine: Sun in Cancer trine Moon in Pisces (hypothetically) trine Uranus in Scorpio
b. July 12, 1895 Milton, MA (no time)

Frank Gehry: Grand Water Trine: Sun in Pisces trine Moon in Scorpio trine Pluto in Cancer / also Sun opposite Neptune
b. February 28, 1929 (no time) Toronto, Canada (no time)

Zaha Hadid: Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Cancer
b. Oct. 31, 1950 (no time) Baghdad, Iraq (no time)

Antonio Gaudi: Sun in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces
b. June 25, 1852 9:30am Baix Camp, Catalonia, Spain

Phillip Johnson: Sun in Cancer trine Scorpio Rising and Saturn in Pisces
b. July 8, 1906 15:00 Cleveland, Ohio

Robert E. Jones: Sun in Scorpio trine Jupiter-Pluto in Cancer
b. November 13, 1930 9:30am Lawton, Oklahoma
Well, this guy was my father (blush). He "forced" me to grow up in a Modernist Style Glass House, built a Fire Station made of glass, and built a case study house with completely moveable internal walls that could adjust to a family's growing needs. He's obviously the reason why I wrote this particular blog entry.

NOTE: In charts with no birth time the Moon placement is hypothetical.


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