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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pat Tillman

I once took a class from a really great Tarot Card teacher who told us that the good thing about reading for Scorpios is that you'll never be bored, they always lead interesting lives. The huge planetary line-up of planets in Scorpio this past week has brought some really wild stories about Scorpio people into the public eye, or rather, as they say down in Pluto's Underground World, the hard-boiled truth has been brought to the surface.

One of these Scorpio's is Pat Tillman, the NFL Football player for the Arizona Cardinals who left a 3.6 million dollar contract to enlist in the U.S. Army eight months after the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

His Birth Data (no time once again) is:

Pat Tillman
b. Nov. 6, 1976 San Jose, CA

Pat Tillman was born under the same Full Moon in Taurus that just passed this week at close to the same degree. He would have had his Solar Return this week. His Saturn return was very recent as well and has been very difficult due to the long t-square to Neptune and Jupiter which are affecting it.

Tillman's natal Sun is conjunct Mars and squaring Saturn, an aspect you would expect to see in a competitive and physically strong athlete and soldier. His Sun was also conjunct Mercury and Uranus, a sign of great intelligence and not something I personally expected to see. Wikipedia claims that he graduated in 3 1/2 years from College with a degree in Marketing, so obviously he was more than just muscle. His North Node is also in Scorpio showing a life purpose concerned with Plutonian matters. Competition was natural for him, the complexities of war and right and wrong would have concerned him, and unfortunately Pluto's dark crisis side seemed to snuff out his life too soon. The transit of Pluto over his planets as well as the progression of his Scorpio Sun seems to tell his whole story.

In 1994 Tillman was given a football scholarship to Arizona State where he majored in marketing, actually a better career choice for Sun-Merc-Uranus in Scorpio. His progressed Sun, though, was exactly conjunct his progressed Mars in Sagittarius, sign of the centaur, half-man/half-horse and a great warrior in Ancient Greek times. Modern Sagittarians tend to be football fanatics. His transiting North Node was exactly conjunct his Natal Sun at this time also.

In 1998 Tillman was drafted into the Arizona Cardinals and played for them through the 2001 season. Transiting Pluto (fame) was now passing over his progressed Sun-Mars conjunction which was still close enough together by degree. He was also receiving 2 Chirons transits: t. Chiron conjunct n.Mars (aggression, sports) and t. Saturn c. n. Chiron in Aries. Chiron is a teacher of the great warriors of ancient Greece. His story gets complex as he taught/healed all the great warriors of Greece but could not figure out how to heal his own wound. I just don't know enough about Tillman's personality to know what was going on. It sort of looks like he was struggling internally with his career path, had perhaps progressed beyond the youthfulness of sports and was wanting to teach or lead in some way.

He finished his 2001 season with the Cardinals and, deeply affected by the 9/11 attacks, decided to join the army with his brother. There had been a couple of huge events in the sky at middle degrees Fixed which would have affected his chart, the Grand Square eclipse of 1999 and the pileup of planets in Taurus in 2000) was a Pluto-Saturn opposition in Gemini-Sagittarius at that point and Pluto was hitting his Neptune. This gave him great compassion and understanding for the world as a whole. It's intensity was amplified multiple times over in his chart. First, his Prog.Sun and Mars were conjunct n. Neptune and t. Pluto. Varuna, the fixed star of the Warrior, was opposite Neptune in his natal chart and was receiving Saturn! I would recommend anyone with a Neptune-Varuna opposition go into war but it's easy to see why he felt called and hopefully the lies and deceipt and incompetence over his death will bring about needed change in the Army's codes of conduct. In addition to this, T.Pluto-n.Neptune was trining his natal Saturn and t. Saturn was trining his n.Pluto which underscored the affects of the Saturn-Pluto opposition for him immensely, the trines bringing a need to get in there and help. His Scorpio planets, dispositing towards Pluto would have felt the brunt of this even further.

Tillman was sent to Iraq at first but became very critical of the U.S. involvement there. According to a San Francisco Chronicle article he was so upset by President Bush's bad decisions that he had scheduled to do an interview with Noam Chomsky when he returned. He was then sent to Afghanistan where he was shot by several of his own troops in a confusing skirmish on April 27, 2004. In addition to the Pluto=Saturn aspect to his natal Neptune, transiting Neptune was squaring his natal Sun amplifying the confusion. Neptune also rules deception and government institutions and in combination with Pluto can indicate big lies and with Saturn big controlling Governmental lies.

This week's reveal by the press of his last moments and words are horrifying: "Cease fire, friendlies. I'm Pat $#@%^^^ Tillman, damn it!" (over and over again). The reasons why each of the four who fired were different, one had recently had laser surgery and couldn't see well (Neptune), the others confused him with the enemy (Pluto-Saturn opposition), there is a sense that the Government ordered it on purpose (Pluto-Saturn-Neptune-Mars-Sun).

As of now, Mercury is in retrograde over his natal Scorpio stellium and asking us to look at the truth (Uranus) behind what happened to him. Transiting Pluto has passed his natal Venus in Sagittarius, the boundary planet in his almost locomotive shaped chart. His progressed Sun has passed his natal Neptune and will begin to pass over his natal Venus also. As I have said before, Venus-prog. Sun conjunctions are thought to bring great peace and harmony to a person's life. One would think that if he had lived he would have worked with a peace organization or he would have met the love of his life and married as one would expect with Venus-prog. Sun aspects. As I've said before I've noticed that Venus-Prog. Sun aspects often bring quite difficult losses. Hopefully Pat Tillman's story will not be lost, his awful death will contribute to bring about much needed changes in Governmental and Military affairs. If that happens, a chart like this can bring peace.

NOTE ON CHART SHAPE: The chart shape in the noontime chart is really interesting. Moon opposite the Scorpio planets and at an apex to a yod (finger of God) with Neptune on one leg and Pluto on the other. On either side of the Moon, symmetrically mirroring each other, Chiron in Taurus quindeciles Neptune and Jupiter quindiciles Pluto.


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