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Monday, November 06, 2006

Famous Harpists

Unfortunately can't find full birth information for many harpists.

Check out all the Earth Signs!! Perhaps Mercury and Neptune figure strongly in the pluckers' Midheavens.

Carlos Salzedo
6 April 1885 Arcachon, France

Sun in Aries
Moon either in Sagittarius or Capricorn
North Node in Libra c. Uranus opposite SN Aries c. Mars-Venus
sextile/trine Chiron in Gemini
Uranus at Aries Point in Libra
Pluto and Saturn in Gemini
Mercury and Neptune in Taurus
no water

Lily Laskine
31 August 1893 Paris, France

Sun in Virgo (square Pluto-Neptune Gemini)
Moon in either Aries or Taurus
NN ***Taurus**** (square Mercury in Leo)

Marcel Tournier
5 January 1879 Paris, France

Sun in Capricorn (c. Venus and trine Pluto in Taurus)
Moon in Gemini or Taurus
North Node in Aquarius (square Chiron-Neptune in Taurus)

Nicanor Zabaleta
7 January 1907 San Sebastien, Spain

Sun in Capricorn (c. Urnaus and opposite Jupiter-Neptune in Cancer)
Moon in Libra
North Node in Leo (trine Venus in Sagittarius)

Marcel Grandjany
3 September 1891 Paris, France

Sun in Virgo (c. Stellium Moon-Venus-Saturn opposite Jupiter in Pisces squaring Pluto-Neptune in Gemini at apex of t-square)
Moon in Virgo
North Node in Taurus (square Mars in Leo)

Lucille Lawrence
16 September, 1914 Snoqualmie, WA

Sun in Virgo (opposite Chiron in Pisces)
Moon in Leo
North Node in Pisces (trine Venus in Scorpio, trine Saturn-Pluto in Cancer)

Alfonse Hasselmans
5 March 1845 Liege, Belgium

Sun in Pisces

Henriette Renie
18 September 1875 Paris, France

Sun in Virgo

Alice Coltrane
August 27, 1937 1:40 Detroit, Michigan

Sun 4 Virgo; ASC 14 Cancer; Moon 11 Taurus; MC 22 Pisces; NN 12 Sagittarius (c.Mars)
Grand Trine between Jupiter-Uranus-Neptune.


Harpo Marx
November 23, 1888 New York, NY

Sun in Sagittarius opposite Neptune-Pluto in Gemini
Moon in either Cancer or Leo
North Node in Cancer (square Uranus in Libra and opposite Mars in Capricorn)

Through the grapevine I was once told that Marjorie Call was Sun in Virgo (maybe Aug. 27?). Also told that Susann McDonald is a Gemini. Isabelle Moretti? Annie Challan? Catrin Finch? Dunno, but curious.

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