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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Scream

Halloween has lasted extra long this year by astrobabble standards. A huge stellium in Scorpio dramatized by Sunday's Full Moon and a Mercury Retrograde (in Scorpio, of course). Both are bringing out the t-square between Neptune-Jupiter-Saturn that's taking forever to separate. Mercury is even eclipsing the Sun (passing in front of it) on November 8. This only happens about 13 times in a Century.

Scorpio rules Halloween and all things scary and taboo like Sex and Death and Hitchcock movies.

Think Janet Leigh in the shower scene of Psycho and her daughter Jamie Leigh Curtis in Halloween. What's Pluto doing in their charts?

Janet Leigh was a Cancer but her Sun was conjunct Pluto and ruled her Scorpio Rising.

Jamie Leigh Curtis has a Scorpio Sun that squares her 8th house Pluto.

I like to look also at Uranus for Fright Night Fun as it rules shock and sudden events. Janet Leigh had Moon (feelings) opposite Uranus and Jamie has Moon trine Uranus.

Both women have Fire Grand Trines (adventurous souls). Jamie: ASC-Saturn trine Uranus trine Moon. Janet: Mercury trine Saturn trine Jupiter-Uranus.

And both have Saturn (fear and insecurities) placed very close to their Ascendants (how they appear to others).


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