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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Tragically, the Amazing Racehorse Barbaro was put to sleep yesterday. He struggled to recuperate during an 8-month treatment in horsey ICU after suffering multiple fractures in his right hind leg while racing in the Preakness last May 20, 2006. He had won the Kentucky Derby by a landslide on May 6, 2006 and was the favorite to win the Preakness. He had never lost a race. Rest in Peace, You Beautiful Beast.

b. April 29, 2003 Nicholasville, KY (Sanborn Chase Farm)

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Aries (?)

Barbaro was born while the Pluto-Saturn opposition was still in effect at the end of Gemini and Sagittarius. This could have accounted for his fierce speed and competitive spirit but also could have accounted for his tragic loss. Pluto and Saturn both rule Karma.

Other aspects in his chart look as though they were responsible for the breaks in his leg on May 20. The Sun and Mercury were conjunct his North Node (Fated experience, one would hope of the positive variety). Transiting Chiron (wound) was exactly opposite his Jupiter and in conjunction with his Mars and Neptune in Aquarius. The Mars-Jupiter opposition is in an apex t-square, squared by Sun. This is great for a Racehorse as Mars and Jupiter and Sun all represent Fire and Speed. The transits really weren't on his side, though. There was a t-square in the Sky directly opposing his natal t-square and involving health issues. Jupiter was opposing his Sun but squared by the Saturn-Chiron opposition on his natal Jupiter-Mars and Neptune opposition.

Bones are ruled by Saturn. Ankles are ruled by Aquarius which is the sign that t.Chiron-natal Mars and Neptune are in.

On the day of the race Mars was not well placed. It was squaring Barbaro's Moon from Cancer so was in Mutual Reception. It was also inconjunct (Health issues) n.Pluto.



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