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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Environmental Issues

I went to a lecture the other night and took some notes regarding the state of the Environment. Since then the Scientists from their convention have told the World that nothing can be done to stop the issue of Global Warming. This according to Jeff Langholz is the single biggest threat. As of today the United States is the most polluting country and China is the most polluted. 17 out the World's most polluted cities are in China. Meanwhile the wind is blowing their air pollution over to the U.S. 20% of the dust particles in the air in California originate in China. So, this is the U.S.'s problem as well. Within 40 or more years there is expected to be a huge smog in California that visits from China, it will settle in California's Central Valley, so if you're looking to move to California, be warned. The asthma problem out there is already devastating. Meanwhile, many of the pollutants from the U.S. are traveling North and causing the Polar Bears to be born hermaphroditic. The breast milk of the Inuit Eskimo women qualifies as hazardous waste by EPA standards. I believe they are causing hermaphroditic frogs out in Ohio or Idaho or somewhere as well.

I have no knowledge of Weather Astrology, this is my introduction. I will try to just find rulerships for the subjects from my trusty Rex Bills Rulership Book. If I'm adding them on my own I'm adding a ?. Maybe it will save someone else some time some day. Right now there is an opposition between Saturn and Neptune, that could relate to Icebergs, as well as trying to stop/find balance concerning the weather, the floods. Signs are Fixed, Saturn in Leo (Power) and Aquarius (Alternative Energies). Jupiter was squaring this opposition for awhile which could account for International Policies and awareness. There is also a trine between Saturn and Pluto. These could indicate realistic viewpoints concerning the problems, desire for change, accepting crisis. At the end of the year there will be a conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius. This could indicate very powerful International Policies for the environment, maybe increased funding for Academic Research and competitive spirit to design a solution.

Basic Ideas:

Environment: Moon, H4, Cancer
Weather (mundane): Jupiter, Cancer (Saturn)
Weather Observers: Mercury, Gemini
Atmospheric Conditions within a Country: (3)
Gases: Pisces, Uranus
Greenhouses: (well? for the metaphor?) (Virgo, Moon)
Public Happiness or Sorrow: H5
One's Fate: (10)
Far Sightedness: Moon, Neptune
Doom: Saturn, H12
Destruction: Mars, Pluto (Saturn, Uranus)
Poles: Sagittarius
Icebergs: Neptune, Saturn
Heat: Mars, Sun, Aries, Leo
Cold: Saturn, Capricorn
Thermometers: Mercury
Deserts: Sun, Leo (Pluto, Saturn)
Dry Places: Aries
Dryness: Saturn, Mars
Famine: Saturn
Temperature Changes (3)
Earth: Saturn (Taurus)
Earthquakes: Uranus, Pluto
Destruction: Mars, Pluto (Saturn, Uranus)
Frozen Places: Saturn, Capricorn
Shortages: Saturn
Pollution: Pluto, Neptune
Low Lands prone to flooding: Neptune
High Places: Gemini, Leo
Exhaust, Emissions: Pluto
Recycling: Pluto?, Saturn?, Mercury?

Jeff Langholz
Lecture "Can the World Stop Environmental Degradation?"

1. Air & Atmosphere
Biggest Concern: Global Climate Change (Pluto). Conveyer Belt of Ocean Currents (Uranus, Neptune, Saturn) is stopping. Will result in Heating and then Rapid Cooling.

Ozone Layer: Ozone is made of 3 oxygen atoms. Ozone in the stratosphere is produced form ultraviolet rays (Sun, Uranus) reacting with oxygen (Sun, Mercury, Venus). Skin Cancer (Saturn, Capricorn), Gvmt in South Australia asking people to protect against the Sun because the Skin Cancer rates have climbed dramatically, Blind (Moon, Uranus, Saturn // Glaucoma: Sun) Penguins in Antartica (Saturn, Neptune)
Acid (Saturn, Mars) Rain (Moon, Neptune): Chemicals (Neptune) coming out of smoke stacks, Canada trees (Leo, Saturn, Cancer, Taurus, Libra) and lakes (Moon, Cancer)

2. Oceans & Seas (Moon, Neptune) (Freshwater-Moon, Cancer / Saltwater - Neptune, Pisces)
Coral Bleaching (Neptune) - Dead White Coral in the Tropics
Over-Fishing (Neptune, Pisces, Moon, Cancer): By 2048 most of the Worlds' Fisheries will be fished out. Right now 40% of Fisheries are fished out (depletion: Saturn).
Nets (Nets) in the Pacific: long nets reaching 100 yards deep create a wall of Death that catches everything indiscriminately and kills it. The fishermen take what they want and leave the dead bodies. If a Storm destroys the nets they don't bother to retrieve them, the plastic (Neptune, Uranus, Moon, Pluto) nets float around loose in the ocean ensnaring everything that swims into them.
Noise (Mars) Pollution (Pluto): U.S. Navy (6, Virgo, Mars, Neptune, Pisces (Sagg, 9) emit sonar low frequency pulse that reaches from California Coast all the way across the Pacific. These sounds can even disable submarines: Beached Porpoises (Venus, Aquarius) & Whales (Jupiter) have one big bruise (Saturn, Mars) on their underbellies (Cancer, Virgo).

3. Freshwater (Moon, Cancer)Resources - Rivers (Moon, Neptune) are damned (Saturn) and drained (Moon, Neptune) Lakes (Cancer) are contaminated (Pluto), Aquifers (underground water sources (Pluto, Scorpio, 4)) are polluted and overmined. (Water Distribution: Aquarius) Reservoirs: Moon, Cancer, Neptune, Saturn

4. Hazardous (Uranus, H5, Jupiter) Materials:
All spare electronic (Uranus, Aquarius, Pluto) devices go to China for recycling (Pluto? Virgo? my note).
Nuclear (Uranus, Pluto): Spent Fuel Rods. U.S. intends to store (Taurus? / Military stores: Sagittarius?) Nuclear Waste (Pluto) in Yucca Mountain where it will continue to be radioactive (Uranus, Pluto) for 20,000 years. Must be guarded (Saturn) this entire time.
Pesticides (Pluto)
Hormones (Pluto, Mars, Venus) Moon?
Medical Waste (Saturn, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto)
POPs - Persistant Organic Pollutants from Manufacturing Processes act as Endocrine Disrupters. (Glandular System: Moon, Jupiter, Sun (Neptune, Saturn / Ductless Glands: Mars Scorpio, Libra). Have Gender Bending effects. Most migrate up to the North (H4, Cancer) Pole (Sagittarius) where the Polar Bears are growing both male and female sex organs and the Inuit Women's breast milk qualifies as hazardous waste.

5. Habitat (H4, Cancer) Loss (Saturn, H12, Pluto)
Tropical Rain Forests

6. Wildlife & Bio(Sun)diversity(Uranus) (Wilderness: Uranus (Pluto)
Endangered Species: About 7 species go extinct every hour. We don't even know about most of the species in Rain Forests. 40% pharmaceuticals (Mars, Scorpio, Neptune, Virgo) come from Rain Forests.
Illegal (Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune) Trafficking (Mars, Mercury) in Wildlife and Exotic Animals (Uranus, Jupiter, Sagittarius).

7. Energy (Mars, Aries, Sun, Uranus) Policy (Jupiter)
Addiction (Neptune // Habits: H1, Saturn, Moon
Habits, Bad: (12)) to Fossil (Saturn) Fuels. Heavily subsidized (Neptune) by Oil (Neptune, Pisces, H12, Uranus, H11) & Coal (Saturn, Capricorn).

8. Special Problems
GMO's: Genetically Modified Frankenfoods. (Uranus, Virgo) Europeans won't allow U.S. foods into their country.
International (Jupiter) Finance (H2 and H8)
Hydro (Moon, Neptune) Electric (Uranus, Aquarius) Dams (Saturn) & Power Plants (Sun, Uranus, Mars)(Saturn)
Warfare(Mars): For example, in Columbia the U.S. is spraying to remove Forests where rebels can hide, subsequently destroying the forests
Depleted Uranium (Uranus)
Scorched Earth Policy, such as Kuwaiti Oil Fields burned by Saddam Hussein
Overpopulation (Jupiter, Moon) leads to Resource (H2) Consumption (Saturn, Gemini).
We need International Policies (Jupiter) to deal with Industrialization (Uranus, Saturn, Pluto).

Alternative (Uranus) Energies (Sun, Mars, Pluto):

Wind: Uranus, Mercury
Waterpower: Neptune, Uranus
Solar: Sun
Geothermal: Pluto, Neptune
Hydrogen: Neptune
Ethanol: Corn: Sun, Mercury, Taurus, Uranus
Tidal Power: Moon, Cancer
Converting Waste: Pluto

Reduce: Saturn
Re-Use: Probably all Earth Signs, Maybe the cusp between Pisces and Aries
Recycle: Pluto

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