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Friday, February 02, 2007

Billie and Ella

Hopefully will do a comparison on these two Legends some day. I was initially attracted to their charts, though, because I thought they were born within a couple of weeks of each other and was hoping there would be some incredible answer for this through astrological means.

I just erased what I wrote because Ella Fitzgerald was born in 1917, not 1915, as I was using due to incorrect source matter.

But, look at Billie Holiday's chart anyway. She has Aquarius Rising with Uranus and North Node in the First House and there was a pre-natal eclipse (Solar I think, New Moon, is that right?) right on the North Node in February before she was born. I think she has a Kite configuration involving her ASC and MC, a sign of good fortune. The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto over the Gemini-Cancer cusp which is an Aries Point would account for bringing her talents and tragedies (Saturn and Pluto like to troll the lower realms after all) to the public. Especially in the entertainment field, because the conjunction is in her 5th house. The conjunction is sesquiquadrate to her Uranus, an aspect related to a feeling of agitation. These three forceful planets working together are thought to cause earthquakes if also aspected by Mars. This matches the effect that Jazz can have on a listener, the syncopation, the sophisticated harmonies that are often more like dissonances. The strong melodic line in her singing, of course, would be due to her Aries Sun and Capricorn Moon along with the Saturn-Pluto need to resonate. Well, and 5 planets in Pisces in the 2d house, as strong a signature for a singer as you can probably find. And, yes, her 12th House Capricorn Moon is out of bounds. The Drugs problem shows up all over her chart.

Billie Holiday
b. April 7, 1915 2:30am Philadelphia, PA

Sun 17 Aries, ASC 3 Aquarius, Moon 23 Capricorn, MC 25 Scorpio

Ella Fitzgerald
b. April 25, 1917 (no time) Newport News, VA

Sun 5 Taurus

Well, I'm going to give up on this unless or until I can find her birth time and since I couldn't even get her birth year straight I'm not feeling too optimistic about that. There is one fascinating point. Her Moon, may, just may, I can't be sure, be in Gemini or Cancer bridging the same Gemini-Cancer cusp in conjunction with her Pluto. That means that the Aries Point is perhaps involved. This is also where Billie Holiday's Saturn-Pluto conjunction is. Also, she has 4 planets in Taurus: Sun 5 Taurus, Venus 5 Taurus, Jupiter at 15 Taurus, Mercury at 26 Taurus. The significance of a great singer having an exact conjunction of Sun with Venus in the sign of the melodious voice is pretty nice. She also had Mars in its own sign of Aries and Uranus in its own sign of Aquarius. North Node in Capricorn trined by Jupiter, pretty nice. Saturn is in Cancer (not c. SN) and inconjunct Uranus.

Both Singers had bowl shaped charts. Billie's bounded by Moon and Neptune, boy was she doomed to have a problem with drugs or what?. Ella's bowl was bounded by Uranus and Neptune.

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Blogger dappel29 said...

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8:35 AM  
Blogger dappel29 said...

I like the idea of an astrological comparison between these two great ladies, but Ella was born in 1917, not 1915. It would be interesting to do a chart comparison that examines their differing personalities as well as the widely divergent paths of their lives and careers.

8:45 AM  
Blogger Out the Comet's Ass said...

Oh no!!!

Thanks for the correction dappel29!! I know I've been sloppy about double checking dates. I used the chart on astrotheme which I guess has the wrong date!! Damn, what a waste of time.

Anyway, Hello!

12:55 PM  

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