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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


While gathering up a mean at the Whole Foods Salad Bar I picked up the February issue of Delicious Living, the little free magazine they hand out. Cool article called "The 5 Healing Tastes" on the Nutritional Value of the different types of taste. Wake Up America! Nutrition goes beyond taking your Flintstones every day!Remember that test they make you do in High Biology class where you test where on your tongue you actually perceive taste?--Don't know, just remembered that. Anyhoo, besides just playing into the pleasure side of eating, many cultures, especially the Vedic cooks, use the different tastes in order to heal themselves and others. You wouldn't know this from easting East Indian Food which generally is hot enough to burn the entire up of your body right off your spine and you wouldn't be able to tell this from most of the Vegetarian Potlucks you've been to where everything is overloaded with spice and yet still manages to taste like packing materials. Still there is an interesting Science to this and I completely believe in it. I also completely believe that Vegetarians don't care what they eat. At. All.

Having had a bad sense of smell all my life I have developed a need for textures. I don't truly feel full unless I eat a meal with 3 different textures. And color, very important.

Here's a List of the 5 Flavors and the Planets that Rex Bills lists as their rulership. Obviously I have much more research to do on this topic as there is no way that Saturn can rule that much food. Here's a nice link: http://www.astroheal.com/energetic_patterns/taste.html.

1.) Pungeant Mars (Pluto)

"Warming, encouraging ernergy to expand, move outward, promote circulation, stimulate digestion, rid the body of excess mucus, boost liver function, tonify the cardiovascular system"

2.) Salty - Saturn

"invite energy to move toward the body's core. Moistening, softening, treat stiff muscles, cataracts, sore throat, constipation"

3.) Sour - Saturn

"Astringent, Cooling, cause contraction, treat excess perspirtation, hemorrhage, diarrhea, urinary incontinence (what about verbal incontinence?), hemorrhoids"

4.) Bitter - Saturn (Mars)

"Promote energy to contract and descend. Inflammation, infection, constipation, candida, parasites, excess mucus, swelling, skin eruptions, tumors & cysts"

5.) Sweet - Venus (Jupiter)

"Nourishing & tonifying. Energize, relaxing, good for dry coughs, calm aggressiveness & impatience. Will slow an overactive heart and mind." (They don't list Snicker Bars on this list, though. These idiots idea of sweet is apples, carrots, squash and sesame seeds. Honey instead of sugar, can't list anymore as I've already probably broken copyright).



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