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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Shocking Al Sharpton

Reverand Al Sharpton announced this week that an interesting story had been unearthed by some geneologists who were researching his Ancestry. Apparently, his great-grandfather had been owned by a cousin of Strom Thurmonds'. Strom Thurmond is most known for two things: One is that he was the longest running Senator in the history of the Senate and the Second is that he conducted the longest filibuster against the Civil Rights Act in the Senate in 1957 (along with his other segregationist idealogies)(and supposedly he mellowed on these)(and supposedly he fathered a child with his Black housekeeper).

Al Sharpton is quoted in the news today as saying that this is "perhaps the most shocking thing in my life." I had to take a look at his transits. If Astrology is valid at all, the Uranus transits would have to really stand out as Uranus rules Shocks.

Reverand Al Sharpton
b. Oct. 3, 1954 10:05 Brooklyn, NY

Sun 10 Libra; ASC 29 Scorpio; Moon at 22 Sagittarius, MC 13 Virgo; NN 10 Capricorn

This is spectacular!

The IC, or Imum Coeli, is the cusp of the 4th house. The 4th House rules Home, Genetics, Ancestry. Al Sharpton's IC is 13 Pisces. Right now the conjunction of Uranus and the North Node are conjunct this angle (Uranus at 15, NN at 17). He's received a shocking revelation about his Ancestry. Pisces rules Institutions, Jails and Bondage. I suppose it might rule Slavery as well, I left my Rex Bills book in the car_______.

Sharpton's Solar Arcs are also heavily involved as SA Mars and Chiron are conjunct his IC-t.Uranus-t.NN! Both his SA Ascendant and his Progressed Ascendant are conjunct his natal conjunction of Mars-Chiron in Capricorn in H2. Mars and Chiron together in the 2d house show a spiritual ability to fight for self-worth. It would make sense that it would be in the chart of a Civil Rights Leader. Sharpton is a Reverend and ran for the Presidency on the platform of equal rights for everyone. Sharpton also just had a Mars Return a couple of weeks ago which compounds this energy. And, also, this Mars-Chiron conjunction is squaring the ruler of the IC and opposite a natal Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. The Solar Arc Jupiter-Uranus is conjunct t. South Node and opposite t.Uranus-NN. Sorry this is so much jargon. I just want to include as much as I can.

And this all goes on affecting Sharpton's Ascendant and 1st house pictures mostly. Moon in a person's chart rules the same stuff as the IC due to Moon's rulership of Cancer. Both Sharpton's progressed Moon and Sun are conjunct his natal Ascendant. Jupiter and Pluto are both transiting Sharpton's 1st house and conjunct his natal Moon from either side. It's enough to be trying to make it in America as a descendant of an African American Slave, it's another to have risen as a major figure in the Civil Right's Movement and unbelievable to know that one's Ancestors were owned by one of the chief opponents of the Civil Rights Movement in which one has played a leading role.

Sharpton says that he met Thurmond only once in his life. In 1991 the singer James Brown introduced the two. I don't have an exact date so have looked up some basic, vague transits going on that year. Thurmond would have been going through his Saturn Return at that point and Sparpton would have been going through both a Nodal Return, Chiron opposition and Jupiter Return. There was a conjunction of Uranus (shock) and Neptune (ruler of Sharpton's IC) in Capricorn which hit his natal Node-Mars-Chiron. This has splayed out and is re-aspecting his chart on the IC-MC lines. This same conjunction would have hit Thurmond's natal Chiron and later on his Saturn. I suppose Saturn rules Slave Owners, will have to check Rex Bills________. Thurmond natally has a square between his Saturn and his Nodes and during this meeting the Nodal Axis might have been squaring or close to squaring his Natal Nodes.

Strom Thurmond
b. Dec. 5, 1902 Edgefield, South Carolina
Sun 13 Sagittarius (conjunct Mercury9; Venus15; Uranus 21; and opposite Pluto in Gemini)
North Node 24 Libra, Moon in Aquarius?

James Brown, who brought the two together for what Sharpton calls an uncomfortable meeting, had a Pisces North Node opposite SN Virgo, Mars 4 Virgo, Neptune 8 Virgo,Jupiter 14 Virgo. This stellium is conjunct Sharpton's IC.

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