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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ralph Nader - Stately Stud

Flipping through the channels on the TV with the sound muted and stopped on an Interview with Ralph Nader. Is he running for President again?

Anyway, I started to look at his face and sort of noticed that, wow, he's been Botoxed. Frumpy Ralph is looking really good and it's not the Olive Oil in his diet. First I noticed the Comb-over. Does he have a little bald spot under there that at age 73 he wants to hide from America? Maybe. I know Donald Trump's a Leo so I wondered where Leo is in Ralph's chart. There you have it, Moon in Leo on an Angle. Those Lions and their Manes.

Then I noticed that Ralph's skin is remarkably wrinkle free. The last election he looked like Lincoln. Now he looks kinda puffy, but youthful puffy. So I thought, wow, is Ralph vain? Our Ralph who drove a Dodge Dart for like 20 years? Yes! the chart never lies. He's got Venus in his 1st house. Yes, Ralph is vain. He really wants to be popular. Aquarius Rising at 0 degrees. He'll do what it takes to gather the votes. Hmmm, but then there's Saturn conjunct North Node in the First House too. He's inhibited and shy. He didn't do this lightly, it was for his career (Saturn). Do they list Plastic Surgeons in Consumer Reports? Maybe it's natural, Saturn ages well. Either way, he was born with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Then I realize, uh oh. Venus opposite Moon in Men means that they suffer sorrow through women. It would really hurt his feelings if I were really to write this and he were to read it which won't happen. And basically he's done so much good for the Country. And, at this point he's graduated to a Toyota Prius, right? And, if he has to date a Neptunian she'll be more of a blond Hollywood bombshell than a tweaker who keeps disappearing under the table.

Anyway, he's gotta be used to this harassment by now:

Ralph Nader
b. Feb. 27, 1934 4:52am Winsted, CT

Sun 9 Pisces; ASC 0 Aquarius; Moon 16 Leo; MC 24 Scorpio; NN 19 Aquarius Rx

Just to ease my own guilt pangs at having thought impure thoughts about Ralph Nader: this is Consumer Advocacy Man all the way. Pisces Sun in H1, sensitive, empathetic, but fearless as Hell, a real self starter. Ruler of Sun is Neptune which is in House 7 along with his Moon. Is he single? I think he's still single and he just channels those two planets into their higher octaves of public service and speaking out for the public consumer. Aquarius Rising with two planets and NN in Aquarius, friendly, the good of the whole, equality. Ruler of the Chart is Uranus which is in H2 but very close to H3 cusp so he speaks out on behalf of values of the everyman. It's squaring the Pluto-ASC opposition so he really likes to take on the big guns. And he's quite a shark about it too behind all that Pisces-Aquarius lovey dovey. Scorpio MC in a Grand Trine with Pluto in H6 opposite ASC and Mars-Mercury in Pisces conjunct the H2 cusp of Money and Values.

Wonder what rules Botox? Pluto and Venus would rule plastic surgery, I imagine, (and probably Sagittarius for youthfulness) and Ralph has Venus in H1 and Pluto both rules and trines his MC so he does very well with this stuff. Guess I could check his progressions and what not. Nah, not important. Wow, I guess Neptune's in his 1st house right now and that spells Glamour. Maybe he should go blond.

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