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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cyberworld Countries

I've heard talk about how the Internet has created Cyber "Countries" where people can connect with each other who otherwise wouldn't be able to connect. For example, if "MySpace" were considered a Country, it would be the 6th largest country in the World between Mexico and Japan. This is for me a manifestation of the outer planet transits right now. The Mutual Reception between Uranus and Neptune has created a non-Material reality (although the people who work for the Tech Companies are the Richest in the World). Pluto in Sagittarius gives huge power to Media and Publishing in a sense spreading the word. Sagittarius rules Religious affiliations and the Internet gathers people together on a Mental Plane which may or may not be considered a Godless operation.

There's a great blog about these cyber Countries and the good they can do on Christopher Coppola's blog. He's an experimental filmmaker who is running around the world encouraging all types of people to tell their stories. Here's the link: www.earsxxi.com/blog. Listen to the March 10, 2007 broadcast. Coppola is one of those kids who was born during the 1962 conjunction of planets in Aquarius and truly exemplifies the Aquarian ideals of community.



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