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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Amillia Taylor - Tiny Angel

Amillia Taylor is the Miracle of the Year. By the Doctor's own words, she was too small and too young to survive her birth, yet she was born breathing on her own and she just went home a couple of weeks ago. This week's Newsweek magazine has a really interesting article on why Doctors are speculating she did survive. She was conceived by artificial insemination and there was a miscommunication regarding the insemination date between her Mom and the Hospital. The Doctor says that he wouldn't have considered trying to save a baby under 23 weeks and she was born at 21 weeks, 6 days. She weighed only 10 ounces and was 9 1/2 inches long. There's a photo of her on the Internet lying next to a ball point pen and she's only a little bit longer.

I still haven't been able to find her birth time. Arbitrarily put in 9 am because her birth was Cesarean Section so I figure she would have been born during Doctor's hours. This time is amazing because it makes her a Triple Scorpio. But she would still be a Scorpio Torpedo anyway because there were 6 planets (if Moon included) that day: Sun-Mars-Venus all exactly conjunct on the first degree of Scorpio (squaring Chiron) and Jupiter-Mercury exactly conjunct at 24 Scorpio with Moon (in 9am chart) at 26 degrees. No wonder why she was breathing on her own. Scorpios are known for self-sufficiency!! Also determination.

Final Dispositor Pluto is at 25 Sagittarius exactly squaring the North Node at 25 Pisces! More Scorpio! This tension is released by Saturn in Leo which is trining Pluto and inconjunct the Nodes. This is an Extreme Baby!!!!! The Mercury-Jupiter conjunction is trining the Nodes and might account for why Amillia came out breathing on her own, especially if Moon is also trining and the Mercury-Jupiter-Moon conjunction is on the Ascendant as it is in the 9am chart. Mercury rules Bronchial tubes and Moon and Mercury rule Lungs. (I think I've also read somewhere that Neptune rules the Lungs as well, which would be explained by Pisces North Node.)

Uranus is unaspected in Pisces (unless aspected by the Moon or angles) and in mutual reception with Neptune so these little Miracles seem to keep happening and happening these days along with the Tsunamis and the Tornadoes.

Amillia also has no planets in Earth Signs. Perhaps this explains her inexplicable ability to survive on Earth.

Amillia Taylor
b. Oct. 24, 2006 Miami, FL

Link to the Newsweek article mentioned above: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17304274/site/newsweek/

Reasons given in the article on factors that may have helped to increase her survival (mention of Scorpio is excluded, of course):

1) Doctors avoided delivery for 9 days after Mother went into labor.
2) Doctors administered steroids to speed up the development of her lungs so she could breathe on her own. But she was born after her Mother's water broke and suffered an infection from being inside a dry womb.
3) Babies mature faster when under stress.
4) Her gender and race may have factored in. Black baby girls mature fastest in the womb. White male babies develop slowest.

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