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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Snitches and Sneaks and Leaks

Today's unwieldy blog talks about some of the People involved with the Leak of CIA agent, Valeria Plame's Identity through the Press, the alleged cover-ups, admissions, and last week's conviction of "Scooter" Libby who, according to a jury of his peers, did indeed try to cover up who was responsible, I think they call it perjury and Obstruction of Justice.

Valerie Plame worked for the CIA from around 1985 maybe doing all kinds of mysterious stuff. She's really beautiful and an Aries just like her TV alter ego Jennifer Garner from Alias. She married an Ambassador named Wilson. (Now that sounds like an Alias.) First of all, I guess the guy was still married to his first wife and divorced her to marry Plame (or Wilson, yeah, that's his name, sounds like an Alias to me). So that makes for bad vibes in the Marriage arena right off the bat. But, marrying a high profile Politician it turns out is kind of a stupid thing for a Spy to do because people are gonna know, they're just gonna know, especially in the Bush Administration which is full of Neptunians and Uranians. The Wilsons (damn that sounds like an Alias) had twins in 1999 and everyone was happy and ritzy and working out at the gym and traveling. Neptune rules Aliasas, in case you're curious.

Then the Husband publishes an article in the NYTimes criticizing the Bush Administration on July 6, 2003. So, then a Conservative Columnist, Robert Novak, responds the next week with a retaliatory article which outed Wilson's wife as an Agent for George Bush's Secret Service. That's illegal and everyone wants to know who leaked the info to this idiot. So it goes on and on.... The Wilson's are suing Carl Rove and Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby and Richard Armitage. Wish I could just add the charts and be popular so all kinds of astrologers would visit and could comment on this B.S. It's really not all that interesting and I think just a cover-up to keep our minds off the fact the FDA is allowing cloned animal meat and dairy into our food supply, but I'm an Idiot, what do I know? And Alias was one of my favorite shows of all time, did you see how good Jennifer Garner looked in all those outfits? I mean, how do you Karate kick 10 hulking Czech and/or Asian guys at the same time when you're wearing a miniskirt and none of them dies or rapes you or even sees your crotch? So cool.

Jennifer Garner
b. Apr. 17, 1972 Houston TX

Sun 28 Aries Moon Gemini NN 1 Aquarius

Oh No! Wait! Wrong Gal!

Valerie Plame

b. Apr. 19, 1963 Anchorage Alaska

Sun 30 Aries, Moon in Aquarius or Pisces, North Node 25 Cancer

Valerie's Aries Sun is both Trining and Parallel to Uranus at 2 Virgo. It's been said that she really worked in non-conventional weapons on an International Level. Sun is in mutual reception Mars in Leo and the strong combination of Sun, Mars and Uranus does indeed indicate someone who could work with weaponry and technology. Her Sun is exactly opposite Lilith. Lilith is known in mythology for struggling with marital issues and it is said that Plame compromised her Identity by marrying a political figure. Mars is involved in a "loose" Grand Square. Mars is squaring both Mercury in Taurus and Neptune in Scorpio but is 11 degrees out of orb for an opposition to Saturn in Aquarius. Both Mercury and Neptune are squaring Saturn. This shows a mind that likes to work under stress and is both elusive, assertive and precise. Great combination for her job until you look at the destruction that Grand Squares can cause in people's lives. These are the people for whom shit just happens. Everything happens all at once and things just break down. Plame's Venus in Pisces 25 is nicely trined to her NN in Cancer showing a lot of feminine charm. However, on July 14, 2003 when Nowak's article came out there was a Full Moon happening right on her NN. She was exposed!! Her Sun squares her Nodes, as does her Lilith. Charm doesn't do it alone. You need lots of Pluto in the Spy business.

It's also very interesting to look at the Eclipses that occurred before Plame's exposure. There was a Total Lunar Eclipse on May 16, 2003 and an Annular Solar Eclipse on May 31. Both hit many of Plame's personal planets. Lunar Eclipse: Sun 25 Taurus. t.Mercury 12 Taurus c. n. Mercury. T. Venus 30 Aries c. n. Sun. t. Mars c. Neptune 14 Aquarius c. n. Saturn. T. Jupiter c. n.Mars. Solar Eclipse: Sun 10 Gemini. T. Mercury c. Venus c. natal Mercury within 2 degrees. Neptune-Mars 22 Aquarius c. n. Saturn. Jupiter c. n. Mars.

So, onto Robert Novak, ace Conservative Columnist/Journalist/Is he still working?
b. Feb. 26, 1931 Joliet, IL

Sun 8 Pisces, Moon probably in Gemini, Node Node 16 Aries

Sun is conjunct Lilith and opposite Neptune at 4 Virgo.

On July 14, 2003 Mars was within one degree conjunction of his Sun so he was just so full of himself. Should have found a Date, like Newt Gingrich, to get the stuff out of his system.

Truth is, from the looks of this guy's chart, this guy's not much of a lover. He might have some Anger Management Issues and is overly Ambitious. Uranus c. NN is squared by a heavy opposition of Saturn-Venus in Capricorn opposite Pluto-Mars in Cancer. The Full Moon was on top of this opposition when his article came out bringing him into the spotlight.

I sure wish I had birth times for these guys. In the noontime chart both Novak and Libby have extremely out of bounds Moons. 27 and 28 degrees. If this applies to their charts, I bet they turn into Wolf Man at every Full Moon. Now we know the secret to getting ahead in Politics and Media!

Moving on to our next Snitch, possibly Fall Guy:

Lewis "Scooter" Libby. Gawd, those East Coast folks and their puppy dog names! I actually met a woman from Connecticut named "Fuff" (I don't know how you can remain haughty when you keep going by the name of Fuff, but she did). And I won't say the variations of "Scooter's" name that he'll receive in jail. Anyway, what kind of a Rising Sign does this give him? Gemini? That rules Bicycles. Rex Bills doesn't list Scooters. Digress. Back to subject.

Lewis "Scooter-Pie" Libby
b. Aug. 22, 1950 New Haven, CT

Sun 29 Leo, Moon in either Sagittarius or Capricorn, North Node 29 Pisces.

So, Libby's Sun is inconjunct his NN but it might also be trining his Moon. His path might not always be clear to him. He might also get a pardon. North Node in Pisces is the perfect placement for a Fall Guy, plays out the victim role, jail time, big government. Libby's Mercury at 27 Virgo is conjunct his South Node along with Saturn at 20 Virgo. So, he does have a great mind for concentrating, just gets a little bogged down by details. Like, for example, covering up his tracks to cover up for that small leak that blew the CIA agent's cover.

On July 14, 2003, t. Uranus was conjunct his Jupiter and opposite his Sun. He also was just too full of himself. His Jupiter (in Pisces) is also involved in a Grand Trine with Mars in Scorpio and Uranus in Cancer. Emotionally, he's a guy who likes to keep to himself pretty much but two of these planets were receiving transits so the thing was heavily charged: Uranus was conjunct his natal Jupiter and Saturn and Venus were conjunct his natal Uranus. So it's not surprising that things got a little out of control and a few unexpected events happened that required some fussing about later on. T. Jupiter was also about to conjunct his Sun and oppose itself so right after the Exposed Leak he probably was a little too optimistic about how the situation could be handled. Who knows?

Anyhoo, along comes Lilith. T. NN on his natal Lilith along with a Lilith return soon after -- women were really just making his life a living Hell. And Pluto was c. his Chiron in Sagittarius, so those nasty media events. His mood here looks like a lot of Hysteria to me.

Dick Cheney
b. Jan. 30, 1941, Lincoln, NE

Sun 11 Aquarius, ASC 3 Virgo, Moon 23 Pisces, NN 3 Libra

Dick Cheney's been extremely sick ever since he took office. The Der Wienerschitzel wouldn't even have hired someone in his condition to sell hotdogs. But he's been running our country. How can we expect him to be of proper mind to run the Country? That's all I've ever noticed about Dick Cheney. Maybe it's the Virgo Rising with Sun in H6 that just makes you worry about the guy's health. Maybe it's his Neptune c. NN. I can't stand the Martyr thing. I also can't stand the paranoia, secrets and mis-information. Anyway, he's got a t-square between Sun opposite Pluto and squaring Saturn-Jupiter, so you can rest assured that he's on such a power trip that he just can't quit. He would die if he quit. So he just keeps on going and going and going.... the whole U.S. Army...

So, July 14, 2003. The Full Moon is conjunct his Venus and Vertex in Capricorn. Venus = Women and Vertex = Fate. The t.Sun was c. his Part of Fortune. It's running across his 5th-11th house axis. Looks like his friends fucked up.

Mars and Uranus were passing over his Descendant. That's the amazing duo that everyone fights over where to place in the USA's Ascendant because it rules cowboys and ruthlessly out of control independent people. If in the 1st House with the Gemini Rising it puts Cowboys up front. Or is it in the 6th/7th House with the Sagittarius Rising, puts Cowboys out on the range. On this day, Dick Cheney had them out on the Range. And, like Valerie Plame, Dick is Uranian himself. His Sun is in Aquarius and is contraparallel his Uranus. So, with Uranus on his DESC he really got to meet his match.

And natally he has Moon in Pisces opposite Neptune in Virgo right on top of the Nodes so he's got his fair share of blind spots when it comes to women. T. Neptune was on his n.Sun, for, like ever, so it wasn't just the women that were confusing him. It was the whole damn country and the whole damn war and all he could see forever right out across the Horizon was Oil Fields, pretty Oil Fields, the only Neptunian thing his Grand Earth Trine could allow him to grasp. Surrender? Ha! Frothing at the Mouth. Digress.

Oh, and also, on July 14, 2003, t. Pluto was exactly conjunct Cheney's natal Mars at 18 Sagittarius which squares his Moon. That could easily lead to a Media Spectacle. I imagine, overall, he was not having a good day or couple of months for that matter. He should have just called Jennifer Garner up (Movie Actress=Neptune) for a Date.

Funny thing is, we've already got our guy and he's running around blameless and free. Richard Armitage, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, has been outed by Bob Woodward who said that a high ranking official was blabbing to him that Valerie Plame was a CIA agent in June before Novak ran his column. Other resources confirm the information. And he quit his office in 2004. And on September 7, 2006 he took the Fall for creating the Leak. The American People don't care about that. We want a Media Event, with a Full on Criminal Trial, Civil Suit to Follow, and a Guilty Verdict with a Rich, Successful Person bound in Chains. We don't care about:

Richard Armitage
b. Apr. 26, 1945 Boston, Mass

Sun 7 Taurus, Moon either in Libra or Scorpio, NN 12 Cancer conjunct Saturn 7 Cancer

Sun conjunct Neptune. Easy going baby face type. So many of the guys in this administration have Neptune so strongly emphasized in their charts. Martyrs or Jail Birds? They should have gone into Art and Metaphysics to find a postive outlet for their creativity.

Mercury conjunct Venus in Aries inconjunct Jupiter. The guy's just got a big fat mouth. Sometimes he's diplomatic, sometimes he's enthusiastic, but this conjunction squares his Nodes, NN in Cancer. Unfortunately, on this date Progressed Mercury was conjunct his NN to the degree. Blabber mouth city. He even confessed. It's just that when you're always blabbing, nobody ever really listens to you.

Plus, July 14, 2003, the guy was going through his Saturn Return and his Progressed Sun was within orb of conjunction with natal Saturn. And t.Venus (women) was there. He's feeling old and vain. And he's kind of fat and ugly. So he picks the pretty chick at the party and he can't have her. So, on the Full Moon he gets his wish. He wrecks her life.

OK, Comet's Ass, Jury of One has declared Guilty Party.

Here's one more:

Carl Rove
b. Dec. 25, 1950 Denver, CO

Sun 4 Capricorn, Moon probably in Cancer NN 23 Pisces

So, Carl Rove knew too. It sorta looks that way from the Wikipedia entry (I know I'm full of b.s.). But don't know if he was the actual blabber mouth because Armitage's chart looks guilty.

Natal Sun opposite Uranus. More Sun-Uranus folks.

Mercury-Venus conjunction in Capricorn, 14 and 18 degrees which squares Armitage's. Rove's opposes his Uranus and squares his Neptune. So, he's a better liar, better gossip, better at knowing how to keep his mouth shut. Armitage worked right under Rove and, boy, I guess they probably really set each other off. The Sun was hitting these conjunctions right before the Full Moon, and, no offense, but these guys were really getting hormonal.

On July 14, 2003 t. Saturn was conjunct Rove's natal Uranus and opposing his Mercury-Venus. T. Chiron was conjunct Mercury-Venus.

Okay, I'm done. There's so much more to look at but Politicians bug me and there are a lot of really great people out there who do wonderful things. It is interesting to notice how strongly Neptune and Uranus play in the charts of the people in this scandal, kind of Scandal Uranus-Neptune Mutual Reception style -- with Pluto in Sagittarius thrown in for Spy and Media appeal.

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