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Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy 50th Birthday to The Cat in the Hat!!

Hey Buddy! You're Awesome! And Now You're a Golden Oldie!!

The Cat in the Hat
published March 1, 1957 New York, NY

Sun 11 Pisces, Moon in Pisces, NN 23 Scorpio

Cat's Dad:

Theodore (Dr. Seuss) Geisel
b. March 2, 1904 Springfield, MA

Sun 12 Pisces Moon in Virgo? NN 28 Virgo

Look Cat! You're the spitting image of your Father! Born the day before his Birthday, you came out as his Solar Return. Not only that but you were also born right smack dab on his Mercury Return Return and soon after his Venus Return. Both planets are in Aquarius in both of your charts so you're both real weirdos. He also has Saturn conjunct Mercury and Venus (trining Pluto) which means that he is your Dad (Saturn). He made you. I wonder how often creative masterpieces are brought forth on their Creator's planetary returns (See "Memoirs of a Fibber").

But, Look, Cat, you're both Pisces! That's why you're so light and funny and fun. Dad's Moon might be in the opposite sign of Virgo which means that he's a Full Moon baby with a very mental approach to his feelings. You were born on the New Moon making you a Double Pisces which means that you're all Feeling. That's not all. You were born during a Partial Solar Eclipse (exact 15:25). So, the whole world is crazy about you. You guys make great Dancers, Actors, and Singers, but also really crazy House Guests. You can whirl the House up into a Chaotic Mess and clean it back up like Magic.

And, Hey Cat, you were born with your Jupiter conjunct your Dad's North Node. You are very very lucky for him. Your unaspected Jupiter also fills out a t-square that's in his chart opposite his Jupiter-Mars-SN in Aries conjunctionwhich squares his Uranus in Sagittarius opposite Neptune in Cancer. All these are either on or very close to the Aries Points in the Horoscope meaning that you were the missing link for bringing him great Fame.

Sadly, we don't know what time you were born. We know that your Dad got inspiration for your face from the elevator operator at Houghton Mifflin. He gave you the guy's gloves and his "secret smile." I don't know what rules Elevator Operators off hand, and I doubt we could ever find out what that guy's Sun Sign is let alone his Rising Sign. I do know that Pisces are known for their Devastating Smiles.

Happy Birthday Cat!! You made my childhood really great!!!!

P.S. It's fascinating to note that Dr. Seuss and the Zerna Sharp who was mentioned in the last blog both have Mercury-Saturn conjunctions. They both wrote remedial readers for Children, but boy what a difference in styles!

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