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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Top Dangers (Mars) for Kids

Here's a link to an article describing the top dangers for kids in the Home. http://redbook.ivillage.com/parenting/0,,p5x6-3,00.html. I don't know if this is a valid study but I've applied rulerships to the dangers in the hopes that maybe they can be applied to a true to life chart. Rulerships from Rex Bills Rulership Book.

1. Iron Burns (pressing). Pressing Irons: (Leo); burns: Mars, Aries.

2. Adult Iron Supplements. Mars, Aries (Scorpio). Toxic complaints: Pluto, Scorpio (Neptune, Saturn)

3. Wooden Swing Sets & Decks that are treated with Arsenic. The Arsenic doesn't dissipate with Time. Poisonous to every organ. Arsenic ruled by Mars.

4. Flea Collars. Pesticide poisonings if the child touches it. Pests, pest control: Pluto. Pets: H6, Virgo, Jupiter (Venus).

5. TVs that tip over because they aren't bolted down. Most injuries happen to 1-3 years olds (Venus and Mercury Returns around Age 1, Mars Return around Age 2) and involve head injuries (Mars).

6. Formaldehyde in home furnishings, off-gassing from new furniture, carpet, UFFI insulation, particle board. Irritates eyes, nose and throat and can trigger asthma. Is linked long-term to Lung and Sinus Cancer. Formaledehyde: no listing. Chemicals in general: Neptune. Organic Chemicals: (Pisces); (as compared with Inorganic Chemicals: Saturn (Scorpio). Gas (at room temperature): Neptune (Pisces).

7. Noise (Mars). Damages hearing (Saturn). Disrputive to language & cognitive development (Mercury).

8. Home Gyms (Mars). Hands (Mercury) and feet (Neptune) get stuck (Saturn) in equipment.

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