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Friday, August 31, 2007

New York Couple Wins Lottery Twice!

Turns out maybe a good thing to invest in one's Luck weekly. A New York couple has won the Lottery twice using the same numbers!! The husband, Euguene Angelo spends about $42 a week on Lottery Tickets. Chances are almost nil that he'd win once, but they say that his chances of winning a second time are 22.5 Million to 1 .

Adeline (Age 74) and Eugene Angelo (Age 81) pulled the lucky numbers that won yesterday's $5M Jackpot and they also won $2.5M in 1996 which was their part of a Jackpot shared with 3 other people. Eugene Angelo has been buying the tickets for the last 29 years since the Lottery began. 29 years? That means it's a Saturn thing. Bingo. Po-ke-no. Oh, sorry, wrong games. But Saturn is somehow relevant here. For both wins, Father Time (Good Timing?) was within orb of conjunction with the South Node in the transit charts.

Since I don't have their Birth dates I used the only date for the couple listed in the article which was their Wedding Date: (http://www.nydailynews.com/news/2007/08/30/2007-08-30_luck_strikes_twice_for_2ndtime_lotto_win.html).

First Win: Dec. 1996 New York NY?

Second Win: Aug. 30, 2007, tickets purchased Aug. 18, 2007 in Croton Falls, NY

Lucky Marriage: Sept. 28, 1957, New York?

Turns out the Saturn-South Node conjunction was right on top of the Marriage's Mars-Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Libra in 1996. Yesterday's Win brought a conjunction of South Node-Saturn to their Pluto. Jupiter was also conjunct the Marriage's Saturn-Moon in Sagittarius.

The Angelo's Marriage Chart shows a few signs of extreme Good Luck. First, the chart is contained within a Fire Trine between Uranus in Leo (sudden events, gambling) and Saturn-maybe Moon in Sagittarius (Luck). Transiting Jupiter is right now conjunct the Wedding Saturn. The Sun-Jupiter-Mars conjunction is sextiling the Saturn-Uranus trine which really amps up the Luck.

There is an opposition between Uranus in Leo and Chiron in Aquarius that aspects most of the other planets. This might be an important factor as this chart is now having its Chiron Return. The couple will celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary on Sept. 28 and so the Chart is having it's Chiron Return. This opposition squares a Venus (Money)-NN (Fate) conjunction in Scorpio (Other people's Money). The opposition also sextiles/trines Saturn-Moon? in Sagittarius and sextile/trines Jupiter-Sun-Mars.


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Since I don't have their Birth dates I used the only date >

If you are interested in writing more about this, I can give you his birth date.

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