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Monday, September 03, 2007

How to Fix a Bridge

Here's a very promising story about Saturn moving into Virgo: http://origin.mercurynews.com/ci_6791510. The Bay Bridge which spans from San Francisco, CA over to Oakland, CA was closed down for the Labor Day week-end in order to replace an entire section. The work was expected to be finished by 6am tomorrow (Tuesday) but was finished 11 hours ahead of time. The hydraulic equipment used to move the new span in place worked better than expected. And, obviously, the Contractor, C.C. Myers did an exceptional job planning (Saturn) the work (Virgo). Saturn moved into Virgo in the California Bay Area between 6 and 7 am on Sept. 2 (Sunday Morning). At the same time it was rising over the Ascendant. That seems like an exceptional coincidence to me as I'd expect Saturn in Virgo to be great for anything having to do with Precision Repair and Construction. This could be a great transit as the Infrastructure in the U.S. is crumbling and we could use a couple of good years to repair it.

As I was listening to the newscaster announce this marvel of engineering I wondered if the Moon was ever Void of Course this week-end (well, of course it was). On Friday night when traffic on the Bridge was shut down, (8:07 pm Aug. 31, 2007) the Moon was at the end of the 1st house at 29 Aries in a Grand Trine with Pluto-MC in Sagittarius and Saturn at 30 Leo. It passed into Taurus right after that -- no Void of Course Moon to slow things down! The demolition was slower than expected but the building part went much faster than expected. The Moon was never Void of Course as it moved into Gemini between 12am and 1am on Sept. 2. It was always squaring Saturn. What a good indicator for ambition to get a project done!

This is also an exceptional example of how a Grand Square can work wonders rather than wreak havoc as I sometimes see it. The Nodes, Uranus, Sun, Jupiter, Mars were all working together in a Grand Square. When the Bridge reopened at 5:49 pm tonight (Sept. 3, 2007) the Moon was joining the Grand Square, conjunct Mars in Gemini.

C.C. Myers, or the Contractor from that company (I'm not clear who's who at this point), said he couldn't have pulled it off without the use of computers. This is also a great chart for Technology. Uranus, Mars, Virgo and Gemini working together. Uranus was Rising just as the Bridge was shut down. Aquarius was Rising as the Bridge re-opened.

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