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Friday, November 30, 2007

Born On the Doctor's Day Off?

I was thinking about babies born by Cesarean Section and realized that most are probably born during Banker's Hours and never on Wednesdays because that's Golf Day. What this means astrologically is that they are probably all born while the Sun is above the Horizon in their charts. This indicates that they're all a bunch of little extroverts.

According to Wikipedia, 10-15 percent of births in developed countries are born by C-Section and in the United States in 2005 (where Extroversion is a heavily valued personality trait) 30.2 percent of the babies were born by cesarean. It sort of makes me wonder if all these new diagnoses of Autism are really just Introverts whose personalities just seem odd and out-of-place.

The Wikipedia article said "for unknown reasons, naturally-occurring labor happens between midnight and dawn." You can imagine how inconvenient this is for the Doctor's sleep so they like to schedule the births ahead of time as much as possible. Astrologically, it's interesting that babies decide to really start kicking right around the time that the Sun passes over the IC or bottom of the chart that represents Birth.

Women used to die from Cesarean. The operation was performed just to save the baby so this operation really is a miracle of modern medicine. But, An even truer miracle is the story of a woman in Mexico who gave herself a c-section in 2000 and survived. Ines Ramirez, 40 years old at the time, gave birth to her son, Orlando. She lives in a small village with no Doctors and had been in labor in so much pain she just couldn't handle it anymore. Her husband was out drinking at a bar and couldn't be reached. So Ines drank some rubbing alcohol, took a 6" knife, and performed the surgery on herself. She said it took about an hour. She removed the baby, passed out for a while, came to, cut the umbilical cord and sent her 6-year old son to get the village medic who came over and sewed her up as best he could with an ordinary needle and thread. Her husband was then retrieved from the Bar and they took her on a 2 1/2 hour trip to the nearest city where there was a hospital. Her bleeding had stopped and she suffered from no infection. The baby was fine. Really wild story.

Orlando Ramirez

b. Mar. 5, 2000 around 1 am Rio Talea, Oaxaca Mexico

Sun 16 Pisces; Moon 4 Pisces; ASC 16 Sagittarius; MC 21 Virgo; NN 4 Leo (H8)

Ines Ramirez said that she had been in labor for 12 hours. The Moon would have been passing over the MC at that point. March 5 was the New Moon in Pisces so just as the Sun and Moon hit the IC Ms. Ramirez grabbed the knife. Squaring this, Pluto and Chiron were in Sagittarius just rising over the Ascendant. Mars was in Aries trining Pluto-Chiron-ASC from the 5th house. Mars rules surgery and 5th house rules Children and man o man, I suppose you could say that this could have helped in guiding the knife. They say that Indian women give birth by leaning forward and that this somehow helped Mrs. Ramirez to avoid cutting into her intestines.

Also in Orlando's chart, Mercury is Retrograde and sandwiched in between the Sun and Moon. And Mercury is in Pisces which indicates why no one was around to help, even matches the story of how Dad was drinking at a Bar. It rules both the 7th House of partners and the MC of the Father. Both the 7th and 10th houses are empty. Mom just went ahead and handled the situation herself.

The Leo-Aquarius Nodes were being aspected by a square between Neptune in Aquarius and Jupiter in Taurus with Neptune conjunct the Aquarius South Node. This must have had something to do with the optimism that Mrs. Ramirez felt in giving birth. She tells of the conversations that she had with God while giving birth.

I looked at the Eclipses and noticed that there was a total Lunar Eclipse on Jan. 21, 2000 which maybe somehow foreshadowed this event. By coincidence, Mars was at 14 Pisces squaring Pluto-Chiron-Sagittarius ASC. This is 2 degrees away from the spot where the Sun was when Orlando was born. And, of course, Sagittarius Ascendant is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of plain old Good Luck.

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Anonymous Joe said...

Interesting comment about the autism. I've got to send this to my mother who is a midwife.

11:21 AM  
Blogger Out the Comet's Ass said...

Hi Joe! Thanks for your comments. It would be interesting to hear your Mother's thoughts.

12:30 PM  

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