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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Holocaust Story

While casually researching my Ancient Ancestors last year I came across a book which claimed that in the 19th century Prussia (country sandwiched between Poland, Russia and Germany) the Jews were given some options. As the Poles, the Russians and many of the Germans did not like them 1/3 were allowed to stay in the country if they would convert to Christianity, 1/3 were allowed to emigrate, mostly to the United States, and 1/3 were allowed to starve to death. I haven't been able to find that book in the library ever since so I can't verify that I read this correctly and I'm not sure if this is true or one of the fairytales of my mind. Prussia doesn't exist anymore, I vaguely remember that the assassination of its leader was the cause of the beginning of the First World War, and I guess its history has been forgotten.

Either way, before that I was always just relieved that this quarter of my family had not had to experience the Holocaust first hand. It turns out that the Holocaust was the tip of the Iceberg for what had been going on for centuries. These Riots in Europe and Russia were especially strong in the 1880s.

Last night I once again started Googling about my Dead Relatives and found out more about these "Incidents", or Progroms. And I found an exact date with an exact time and of course had to pull up the chart. What is, after all, a good date and place for harassing a Jew? I came up with a really interesting one especially if one keeps in mind the chart of Adolf Hitler. The indcident is talked about here: http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/mod/1881JC-pogroms.html.

In Elizabethgrad, Russia on April 28, 1881 at around 4 pm a fight broke out
between the Christians and the Jews. Some Jews fired guns from inside their homes and the Christians retaliated by destroying more than half of the homes and businesses in town that were owned by Jews. The destruction and rioting went on through the next day and another one broke out in Prussia.

There is a huge Taurus stellium in this chart marked by strong outer planet presence as Pluto, Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter were all in Taurus during this year. These were joined by and no doubt set off by the New Moon along with Taurus's ruler, Venus (plus Chiron). And at the beginning of this rioting the entire stellium was in the 8th House. Libra was Rising so Venus also ruled the chart for the beginning of the fighting. (Moon 2 Taurus, Saturn 3 Taurus, Jupiter 4 Taurus, Sun 8 Taurus, Neptune 14 Taurus, Venus 17 Taurus, Chiron 17 Taurus, Pluto 23 Taurus). (Remember that back on May 3, 2000, there was another grand line-up of planets in Taurus: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. In the United States this was equated with the bust of the Stock Market, especially in Technology.)

Mercury was in Aries, an impulsive sign that could indicate an argument.

Mars was in Pisces squaring the Sagittarius North Node. Mars here is a singleton in Water and the Node was the only element in the chart in Fire which emphasizes their influence in the chart. Mars is aggression and Sagittarius is strong opinions; usually broad minded opinions but if based on Religious differences maybe bent a little too much toward outspokenness. This is actually the only Square in the chart so evidently that makes its influence more prominent.

Uranus in Virgo is trining many of the Taurus planets. I'm beginning to think that Uranus energy is more damaging when in a trine than in a hard aspect. (Another example: I pulled up the charts of the recent oil spills and all of them have a strong trine aspect from Uranus to Mars, mostly even Grand Trines.) I think Uranus behaves better when challenged, the detached mental need for reform just goes bezerk when things are going well. Mars likes to rumble no matter what, especially in an event chart.

It's really incredible to match the progressed Chart of this 1881 Incident in Russia in relation to the events of the German Holocaust. The Jews had rights taken away due to the Nuremburg Laws of Nov. 9, 1935. They were forced to move into Ghettos after the War broke out in 1939. Then they were herded into Death Camps beginning in June, 1941.
  • In 1939, when the Jews were herded into the Ghettos, the Progressed Moon (Home) was coming into conjunction with the Gemini South Node (Communications as weakness) and the Progressed Sun was coming into conjunction with the Cancer Midheaven.
  • In 1941, when the first Victims were herded into the Death Camps the Progressed Sun was conjunct the Midheaven to the Degree. This Progressed New Moon on the Midheaven repeats that theme of the New Moon of the 1881 riot. (Prog. Moon was at 7 Cancer c. p. Sun and n.MC).
It's also striking how Hitler's chart compares with this 1881 incident (actually there were other incidents in other places). Hitler was a Taurus Sun with Libra Rising which echoes this chart. He had Venus in Taurus in his eighth house same as this chart. And Hitler's Mercury in Aries is the same as this chart. Hitler's North Node was at 17 Cancer which puts it in the 10th house of the 1881 event chart. The Moon signs are different. The 1881 Riot had a Taurus Moon and the Riot seems to have gone on as the Moon was passing over all the Taurus planets in the 8th house. Maybe the Rioting stopped when the Moon hit the Gemini South Node. Hitler had Moon in Capricorn in the 3d House conjunct Jupiter.

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