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Monday, December 03, 2007

Tunes Itself in 2 Seconds

Rex Bills is in the car and I'm not so this entry won't be keyword proper. My announcement is that I now suspect that Jupiter rules Guitars. At least Electric Guitars. Back in March, a German Company called Tronical Gmbh put out a new electronic device that will keep a 6 string guitar in tune. The American company, Gibson Guitar, is now going to sell the "Digital Les Paul" model starting on Friday. This is a special blue Guitar that tunes itself. "Musicians of the world are getting a new kind of artistic freedom with technology that eliminates the challenging chore of tuning." Sounds Sagg-o, doesn't it? No fuss, quick, no need to test one's patience over too, too much. I know that my Banjo & Ukelele strumming Sagittarius Mom would have loved it. Her neighbors in the condo where she lived would have just keeled over dead.

Gibson was the first company to make Electric Guitars back in 1936. I don't know when during that year the first Guitar was born; but, it was called t

he "Electric Spanish." I do know that during that year Jupiter was in Sagittarius and Saturn in Pisces was opposing Neptune in Virgo. Saturn and Neptune together certainly bring out each other's musical talents. Saturn rules Rhythm and Structure and Neptune rules the Ephemeral. Uranus, planet of electricity, was in Taurus, one of the planets of music. Jupiter in Sagittarius just wants to get down, that's the best rulership explanation and reason for learning to play a guitar I can think of.

So, back in March, when the German Company, Tronical, put out this new advance, Jupiter was once again in Sagittarius. Saturn was once again opposing Neptune, this time in the signs of Leo and Aquarius respectively. Gibson starts selling the Digital Les Paul's Internationally just as Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto will be in conjunction in Sagittarius, the sign of all things International. As Always, World Leaders should take a lesson from Musicians and learn the fine Art of International Relations. Meanwhile, parents the world over will gladly be forking over the extra 900 bucks so that at least their little Starlings' cacophony will at least be in tune. With Saturn now opposing Uranus, I fear for what type of lyrics will be coming out of these babes' mouths.

Les Paul was a Gemini, by the way. No Sagittarius in his chart at all.

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