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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


California's a great place to live. There's a premium on physical beauty and emotional happiness but don't ask us to finish our sentences and definitely don't ask us to count our tiaras. On Nov. 25 a new Miss California was crowned and was told 4 or 5 days later to hand over her crown not to the next in line 1st-Runner-Up-Girl but to the 2d Runner up, Raquel Beezley, of Barstow. The reason for the mix-up is sometimes given as "An accounting error" and sometimes as "A Counting Error." Somebody either tabulated the judge's results incorrectly or slept with the wrong judge, hard to say. The things that can happen when you've got really good quality marijuana and a lot of ambition.

To paraphrase Ms. Beezley in an interview on Yahoo: "Who would think that with only 5 judges the counting could mess up? There's only, like, five scores?" (That only take one hand).

As far as Astrology goes I don't have either Contestants' birthdays or the time for the Pageant so this is b.s.

Venus was in Libra (Beauty in its own sign) trining Glamorous Neptune; a night to be remembered as far as Beauty Pageants go.

I didn't look it up but I imagine the Sun, ruler of Leo sign of Nobilty, etc., to represent Crowns. The Sun is in Sagittarius squaring the Nodes in Pisces and Virgo. The rulers of the Nodes then again are squaring each other. A gnarly situation, for sure. Guilty planets are: Mercury in Scorpio squaring Neptune. That could account for the fuzzy math and some hanky panky. For sure, with all that Neptune, my pot story sticks; they're all high and really really spacy from all that dieting.

The Moon (Women) on Nov. 25 was in Gemini (two girls) opposite the Jupiter(Luck)-Pluto(Dark Ambitions) conjunction in Sagittarius. There was another catty event at another pageant, Miss Universe?, last week as well, if I'm remembering correctly. Someone pepper sprayed the winner's gowns. These pageants are really warming up. Time to change the name to the Ms. Global Warming Pageant. The Girl with the smallest Carbon Footprint wins. Sorry just had to put that in.

And, Saturn being in Virgo and conjunct the South Node. The Devil is in the details here.

The good part is that both girls are extremely beautiful and the girl from the ugliest place won. Here's a link to several versions of a song called "Barstow" by the experimental music composer Harry Partch in order to give you a feel for what growing up in a truck stop is all about.



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