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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Factoids from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Scorpios don't often admit when they've been wrong so a miracle sort of happened at the G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh when the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told a reporter that he can acknowledge that the Holocaust did happen.

He can see it! Wow!!! Hitler was there. And Goebells. And Eichmann. And Himmler. For a few years there we were really going, like, Earth to Mahmoud! Earth to Mahmoud! I think that Ahmadinejad then sort of cancelled out his words, following up by saying that the reports of the atrocities were grossly exaggerated. Last I heard, 6 million Jews killed. The Nazi's took good notes.

Anyway, with Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Aquarius we have come to take Miracles for granted, and here's another one for the books. Perhaps it was only Jet Lag but it now appears that the Iranian President has been updated on his history.

Wanted to take a look at the astrology to see what might be going on with Ahmadinejad.

I'm calling Mahmoud, A for now. A is a Scorpio with Moon either in Leo or Virgo. I'd assume that he's got both Luminaries in Fixed Signs because he's so stubborn. So I'd go for the Leo Moon.
But Moon signs can be very difficult to pin down.

And then this is a weird thing. A's got Mercury in Libra at 26 degrees. Libra is supposed to be diplomatic and to see the other person's side. Not when it progresses through Scorpio I guess and especially when it hits Neptune on the first degree of Scorpio by progression. Something maybe happened to him which made him want to take the fuzzy view in life. And a few years after that progressed Mercury would have hit hit Sun in Scoprio which is the egomaniac view. Kind of a difficult set up.

In A's case this means that he's got all those floral flourishes to his words. Sort of the Arabic version of Gift of Gab. I actually really like listening to the Arabic Leader's pep talks, you can't tell if they're saying anything or not, the room just sort of fills up with a fresh Apples and Cinnamon scent.

Anyhoo, with Mercury in Libra conjunct Neptune and Sun in Scorpio we can see how his speech is full of rapture as he goes on about youth and innocence and love and peace in relation to nuclear warfare. And in the true Neptunian way of Denial and Blame, A talks about the bombasity of Nuclear Warfare of other countries, all the while never admitting that, allegedly, he's got a couple that are good to go attached to his own rockets. I'm not saying that I don't blame him. The guy probably grew up getting shot at by Iraqis while Americans were busy trying to make money off of it. I knew an Iranian guy who told a story about walking down a path on his college campus and leaning over to pick a flower just as a bullet which was aimed at his head hit the guy right behind him. And then I knew a pianist whose family had owned a movie theater back in Iran and one day some Iraqis came in and gunned the entire audience down. She couldn't stop crying (and smoking) and had to go back to the mental hospital right after she told me that. War is beyond my comprehension. I admit that I don't know what it's like and I don't want to know what it's like. And I can only imagine how difficult it might be for someone with that past to try to talk to people who don't have a clue. Perhaps in relation to the amount of terror they have lived they really don't think the Holocaust is that big a deal. Is that it? So, at any rate, isn't it nice that President Obama is allowing these people back into the country to represent themselves? That's gotta count for something, doesn't it?

So, anyway, A has been going through a Mars trine right now. Natally he has Mars at 16 Pisces. A is sharing his subconscious with us. How nice. That's a good one for building nuclear warheads, by the way.

The G-20 meeting is occurring during a transit of Mars in Cancer. That totally sucks. I mean the fact that it is being held in Pittsburg is Mars in Cancery enough. But bringing in this guy along with Gadhafi is just too silly for words. That could either route out the emotional doo-doo so that people really can possibly heal their conflicts. Or, maybe the Canadians will finally lose their composure and lure Mahmoud into a dark alley and mess him up.

With Mercury Retrograde it's a good time to revamp and review. It's probably best to not say much though. Just smile a lot. Nobody's going to like what comes out of your mouth. Don't sow any seeds right now. Just keep nodding like your big bobbing head is stuck to your shoulder on a spring.

As I said, A has Mercury in Libra conjunct Neptune and Sun in Scorpio. How do I say this nicely? Can somebody get Geppetto in here to trim that Dude's nose? It seems to grow and grow and grow right along with his lies.

Don't know what time the speech happened. Date was Sept. 23, 2009, Pittsburgh, PA. Moon was in Scorpio in the Morning and then passed into Sagittarius around lunchtime. A has a conjunction of NN at 1 Sagittarius conjunct Saturn 2 Sagittarius so the Moon would have been passing right over that key spot on his chart. That's not easy. Could perhaps show a softening, or at least humbling, (or inflaming) of his authoritarian side. The Sun was also at 1 Libra a prominent Point. Don't know anymore if that shows good diplomatic skills or not, to be frank.

A is also going through 3 difficult Venus aspects right now, always difficult transits for one's popularity.

His natal Venus-Jupiter conjunction at 24-26 Virgo is being hit by the transiting Saturn-Uranus opposition made stronger by the Sun and Mercury's conjunction to Saturn from Virgo. And transiting Venus is conjunct his natal Pluto at 1 Virgo. And his Progressed Venus has just moved into Sagittarius which means that it is conjunct A's NN and Saturn. Perhaps he'll be able to become more broad-minded, perhaps he'll just become more hypocritical and stuck in his opinions. How would I know? It's up to him.

Hmm, A. was born right as both Neptune and Pluto were on the first degrees of signs, Scorpio and Virgo. That means that he somehow reflects the Neptune-Pluto sextile that a couple generations of us have in our charts. In Scorpio and Virgo I would assume that he would somehow be able to share great abilities of discernment with the world. Hopefully he won't blow it up.

After all, he hasn't blown any of us up yet. (But, there are a couple of transits coming up that look pretty good for a terrorist, have to say. ) Why didn't they invite bin Laden to the meeting? Seems they've got everyone else. The Libyan terrorist Gadhafi really has blown up an airplane and he has been invited and has even set up a tent in Donald Trump's backyard. That's kind of fun, but, it's certainly a Mars in Cancer moment for the neighbors.

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