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Monday, September 14, 2009

Murder of Yale Pharmacology Student Annie Le

24-year old Annie Le, a Yale Pharmacology student, disappeared last Tuesday just days before her wedding. After a massive hunt her body was found yesterday apparently stuffed into a basement wall in the school laboratory where she was last seen photographed by security cameras as she entered the building at 10:00 am. This young woman's name is Annie Le. I send condolences to Le's family and friends for this horrible crime. I can't make heads or tails of her murder but am just trying to post aspects which I have found.

Annie Le
born July 3, 1985 (Place? I used Placerville, CA because that's where Le is from, but have no idea where she was born).

Sun 12 Cancer; Moon Capricorn or Aquarius; NN 16 Taurus

Le was born with Sun conjunct Mars in Cancer. This is a very spirited combination, but for a woman it can sometimes show victimization by men, as Mars in Cancer combines the energies of two youthful and emotional planets which conflict with each other and are often involved in crime (see www.bobmarksastrologer.com for great statistical studies about murder). Le's Sun-Mars is trining her natal Saturn in Scorpio which shows that she would have toned down her impulsive nature with discipline.

We've just finished a very emotional and volatile conjunction transit of the Moon to Mars in Cancer in which many people have been reported as acting erratically (Joe Wilson during President's speech, Serena Williams at a tennis match, Kanye West at the MTV awards). This would have affected Le very strongly as it involves a Mars Return for her, which is in the Moon's sign.

At Age 24, Le was also going through a Jupiter Return in Aquarius. Normally I would see this as a very positive set of aspects for someone going to school for higher learning. Jupiter rules Higher Learning and truth seeking (and probably truth finding).

Le has Mars (Impulse, Action) and Jupiter (Opinions, Higher Learning, Religion, etc.) in aspect with each other in a inconjunct aspect (adjustments of elements that don't quite work, health problems) in a couple of different configurations, one a Yod with Uranus in Sagittarius (Jupiter and Uranus are in mutual reception in her chart). This Yod fans out to an even bigger figure (not sure what it would be called) with her natal North Node in Taurus. Uranus (innovation, experimentation, erratic behaviors) is inconjunct with her North Node (life path).

Because of this combination of Mars-Jupiter-Uranus I would sort of assume that an accident or mistake was involved with her death. However, news reports are saying that it looks as if it was intentional.

If Le had a Capricorn Moon and not an Aquarius Moon then both her Jupiter and Uranus are singletons which means that this Yod figure further stands out in her chart. As Karen Hamaker Zondag describes them in her book on the Yods, they can show generational family problems that an individual must deal with. All 3 of these aspects point to someone who has a strong need for independence. It's very odd that she was planning on getting tied into a marriage at this point in her life.

Another disturbing aspect was transiting Pluto was conjunct Le's natal Neptune. Pluto is at 2 Scorpio in her natal chart sextile Neptune at 2 Capricorn. Pluto right now is at 1 Capricorn right on her natal Neptune. That can generally be a difficult transit. There is just too much strange, unconscious information coming into a person with regards to the universe. Neptune and Pluto working together can often bring about a crisis of a spiritual nature. Both planets can cause a person to become extra paranoid, go on drugs, etc. As both planets are very psychic, Le may also have had a premonition that something would happen to her.

With a Jupiter in Aquarius Return it's very interesting that her death happened on a college campus as Jupiter rules Higher Learning. Aquarius co-rules technology and the sciences.

She may have discovered some awful truth (Jupiter in Aquarius Return) regarding her College Professor (Jupiter, I heard that a Professor is being questioned in the case already). Either way it looks like Saturn-Neptune and Pluto were conflicting in some game against Mars-Uranus-Jupiter in Le's chart.

Le could possibly have had a Grand Square between Mercury, Pluto, Moon and Lilith. This shows some challenges to overcome concerning Heart and Mind and Home and Power plays.

As regards the Marriage plans, I've already said that this looks like a weird time to be getting married. 7th House rules marriage and without a natal chart I can't say anything about that. Le's natal Venus is at 28 Taurus and has progressed to 27 Gemini. Gemini is a duplicitous sign.

The Sun has been passing over Saturn which is opposing Uranus. Again it would be interesting to see if Le had these degrees of Virgo/Pisces prominent on angles in her natal chart. The Saturn-Uranus aspect is very strongly aspected. The transit of Saturn-Uranus is aspecting her natal and Solar Arc Uranus very strongly. In her natal chart, Venus widely opposes Saturn in Scorpio. This has arced by progression (solar arcs) so that SA Saturn is exactly conjunct natal Uranus in Sagittarius, thus mirroring the opposition of these two in the current transits.

The current transit of Sun-Saturn in Virgo opposing Uranus in Pisces is actually squaring natal Uranus-SA Saturn opposing SA Venus!

Sorry I can't describe all that techno mumbo jumbo better. I also can't interpret it very well. Virgo-Pisces is definitely related to health issues. Saturn-Uranus is often related to transitional, hybrid types of solutions to problems. There seems to be some intense conflict going on in Le's chart regarding Traditions and Innovations. Hybrid lifestyles. Speaking out against authority. Throwing out the old to bring in the new. Don't know if any of this could possibly be related to her murder but it looks like a strong influence for Le at this time.

I know I'm supposed to look at SA Venus in Gemini and just be satisfied that she was having an affair with her professor and had just cut it off right before her marriage. But it seems that there was something involving something bigger here.

At any rate, it's interesting to watch the transit chart for the last time that Le was seen walking into the laboratory. At 10:00 am on Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2009 28 Libra was rising. Libra is ruled by Venus which indicates Women, Love affairs. Mars (Aggression, Men) was in Cancer up in the 9th House (College, College Professors). Mars is squaring Mercury Rx in H11 (Message?). This square is involved in a Thor's Hammer configuration (crossroads to act) with Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius down in the 4th House.

Of course, with Libra in her last degrees at that point, Scorpio soon rises (around 10:17 am). This means that Pluto (murder) now rules the chart. Pluto is on a strong degree right now for manifesting crap (1 Capricorn) and at this time during the day it is in the 2d house opposing the 8th House of murder, which it rules.

During this time the Nodal Axis is crossing the IC/MC axis with Lilith conjunct the North Node to the degree. Between 10:30 and 11:00am Venus is crossing the Leo Midheaven and the Moon is crossing the Descendant. It would certainly seem that marriage and family had something to do with this event but in a weird way.

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