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Saturday, September 19, 2009

More on the Annie Le murder

Here are some observations on the Annie Le case for what they are worth. The only part of my previous reading which was any good was that I said I couldn't figure the situation out.

This murder is clumped into "workplace crime" category rather than domestic, serial, gang, etc. For anything associated with the workplace I'd look for something to come up in the sign of Virgo which rules that aspect. Couldn't see anything like that in Annie Le's natal chart. (Of course with inadequate birth information I have an excuse for that, hehe.)

Le had no planets in Virgo. Her natal Mercury which is ruler of Virgo is in Leo and her progressed Mercury is within that sign. Her solar Arc Mercury is at 29 Leo which is very close to the cusp. Her Mercury afflicted however. It squares natal Pluto opposite natal Lilith. This possibly fans out into a Grand Square through an opposition to Capricorn Moon. Without a birth time I can't know the placement of Le's Moon.

The event chart shows the Virgo influence through the Sun-Saturn conjunction in Virgo (Ego, Walls, Force, Authority, Control). Sun-Saturn is opposing Uranus (Shock, Sudden and Unusual Events).

Through those keywords one can also see how the fact that Le's body was hidden within a wall shows up. Saturn rules Walls.

I happened to run into a County Coroner yesterday (Black outfit with white lettering "Coroner". I gasped when I saw it and she laughed). Had to ask her what her thoughts were on the case. She said that the fact that Le's body was found stuffed into a wall is the most highly unusual aspect of the case. Unusual is Uranus, of course. Wall is Saturn. These two were approaching an exact opposition with each other (approaching within the week) and the Sun was passing over them. Uranus' placement in Pisces also indicates the Hidden Element.

The other most distinct aspect of the case, according to the Coroner was its high profile location. Crimes at an Ivy League school are significant. (I also think that Le's beauty didn't hurt for popularity sake).

For institutions of higher learning we look at the signs of Sagittarius and Jupiter. Jupiter is separating from its conjunction with Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius. Guess it's lucky that this conjunction was most potent this summer when most schools were not in session. On the day that Le was found, Sept. 13, Venus was at 23 Leo opposing Chiron exactly. It would be interesting to know what time she found to see if this axis was on a significant angle.

I suppose this powerful opposition/conjunction may also explain the motive. Police are saying that Le didn't keep her mice cages clean. That's definitely a control freak issue in Virgo type of thing. Pictures of the man being held for the crime show that he was extremely close to his dog. He also had 3 cats. Perhaps Uranus in Pisces shows that he was having trouble working in a medical laboratory which abuses animals on a regular basis. On the websleuth's website there is some speculation that this man is an Aquarius. If Neptune is on or has recently passed over his natal Sun his sensitivity and compassion for anything that suffers would be highly attuned. His ability to cope with reality would also be heavily affected. Supposedly he has a control freaky t-square to his Sun which would complicate things. Google that website for more information.

For motive one always wants to look at Pluto, Scorpio and 8th House. Pluto in Le's natal chart is strongly placed in its own sign of Scorpio at 2 degrees. It's also possibly involved in a very challenging Grand Square aspect with Mercury, Moon, and Lilith. And it was being squared by Le's Progressed Mars at 2 Leo and her progressed Sun 5 Leo. This is an extremely violent aspect. Le had a conjunction of Sun-Mars in Cancer in her natal chart. As I said in my last post on her chart, this can bring violence especially as a victim in a woman's chart. This conjunction had arced by Solar Direction to 5-10 degrees Leo. With recent switch of this conjunction into Leo, Le may have been acting very boldly.

These progressions of Sun-Mars are also widely squaring Le's natal Nodal Axis and the transiting Moon.

I looked also for signs of strangulation in the chart. The throat is ruled by Taurus and by Taurus' ruler, Venus. Le's North Node (Destiny, Life Path) is placed at 15 Taurus. The Moon was passing through Taurus as she died. It was placed at 10 Taurus when she entered the Laboratory building. Of course, if the North Node is placed in Taurus, the South Node will be placed in the sign of Scorpio which rules Murder. In Le's chart her South Node is sandwiched between Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio. This shows extreme force. The South Node is said to be related to past life problems which we are trying to fix in this life. As I've said before, I heard a lecture with Komilla Sutton in which she said that this is the most difficult Nodal Axis to live with just through its associations with difficult behaviors and karmic patterns. Scorpio is also strongly associated with research and medical research in particular.

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