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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Uranus-Neptune Mutual Reception and Cholera?

In 1831 there was a huge cholera epidemic in England. That led to the discovery that drinking water supplies can breed the bacterium. In 1831 there was a Uranus-Neptune mutual reception in the sky just like there is now. Neptune represents the water element. And Uranus represents the water bearer element. When on good behavior they both represent human society functioning at very high levels. Not only did England have a terrible cholera epidemic but England bred a smart guy who figured out by the 1850s that the water supply was responsible for the cholera epidemic. This led to great advancements in public health and cholera is now thought to be a mainly third world problem.

What's interesting is that the Silicon Valley has some real problems with its tap water at this point. Very often when one holds a white towel over the bathtub faucet, brown greasy water comes out and stains the towel. That's a bacterial hell hole waiting to breed. One must always run around in grease. After a year of bouncing around from laundromat to laundromat in the South Bay I've been driving up to Palo Alto to do my laundry. I figure those guys will always know when their water stinks. But, no. A laundromat in downtown Menlo Park left my clothes smelling like the Pizza restaurant across the street. And there's no word at all on the news. No official is around to tell people to stop tossing grease down the sinks. Growing up my Mother was always screaming to never dump the grease down the sink. She also didn't let us eat much fat. So, I guess, in twenty years time some guy will suddenly discover the cause of the H1N1 -- magically. Uranus and Neptune do so love magic.

Blogger's acting weird. My computer has been getting hit left and right by attacks. Fun days ahead. Saturn and Pluto squaring.

So, Uranus-Neptune mutual reception and I suppose politicians and scientists have something new to be baffled by. We're worried about H1N1. Its the aquaducts, baby. They're going to kill us.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

An Apple a day keeps the attacks away. Get a Mac, PUHleeze. It would break our hearts to lose you!
(-: Read recently how Apple was launched during Merc Rx. How appropriate. :-)
Besides, MS is BS.

Sorry to hear the Bay Area is nastier than when I called it home. (1980's) Where did all the GREENIE'S go? Sick with consumerism & too busy to care?

7:09 AM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Yeah, the Mac will happen someday. Costco stopped selling the business grade Dell machines so I have no choice once this one gives it up.

Greenies in the Bay Area turned into self-serving non-profit organizations.

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quoting 'ya: "Greenies in the Bay Area turned into self-serving non-profit organizations."
Speaking in a hushed tone ~ BASTARDS!

Laundry woes... WTF! There's just no justifying what "we" as a collective do to our Planet & ourselves. We can't or Shouldn't eat the GM foods produced & imported ~ just think about our air quality. (HA! "quality")

Will simply end with an I. heart. Comet's Ass.

BTW ~ after switching to imac your stress level will drop dramatically.
/(*_*)\ ~ Ciao

10:45 AM  

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