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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1957 problems

Something weird is in the air. Is that a Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune in Aquarius thing?

Successful men are getting caught left and right and it happens that they are all born in the same year, 1957. So, I'm thinking there is some sort of problem going on with the Stars that's affecting the 1957'ers. Is this a case of desperate Middle Age Men hitting both the wall and economic hard times at the same time in life? Is it fall all out from Chiron Returns? Let's just say that in the United States you are innocent until proven guilty so we don't know for certain who did what (but, for the sake of being a jerk I'll probably accuse all of them).

Astrology-wise, ooo wow, looka dose planets. Both Neptune and Pluto were changing signs in 1957 so were near the first degrees of their new signs when when these three men were born. Neptune moved to Scorpio and Pluto moved to Virgo. This means that Pluto's current transit is aspecting both of these outer planets. And when Neptune and Pluto are working together things just ball up and go -- poof.

Virgo and Scorpio both make easy aspects to Capricorn and so how can this be? Some astrologers don't even look at easy transits. Well, Saturn and Uranus are moving in and out of squares with transiting Pluto as they are approaching the big Cardinal t-square aspect to Pluto so the old Scorpion has bedfellows, and these big outer planet bedfellows that pick you up by the nape of your neck and carry you where they please. And that long Venus Rx transit in Aries last Fall stressed Pluto. And Mars just finished opposing Pluto. And the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune transit is so counter intuitive for the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto stuff that the outies are moving in opposite directions of each other.

Are we coming or are we going? Is the market going up or is the market going down? Are the icebergs melting? (well, that's looking like a one-way street, and, by the way, when the interest rates go up the market goes down and the interest rates are down as low as they can go, and if the bankers just returned their damned bonuses the markets would probably level out.)

First on the check list this past month was New Age Spiritual Warrior James Arthur Ray. Because of the Ooga Booga aspect of this guy's job this certainly sounds like a no-brainer Chiron in Aquarius type of story. "Wounded Teacher of the Weirdos." That's perfect.

Took me about 4 days of internet searches to separate this guy from his historical almost namesake, James Earl Ray, who was the guy who killed Martin Luther King. You'd think that a New Age Guru would have changed his name by now in order to avoid summoning up any creepy old assassins but this guy seems to think he can transcend just about anything. Anyway, there seems to be a similar obsession with death between the two which is really creepy.

The story is, James Arthur Ray is the guy who set up the Spiritual Warrior Retreat in Sedona, AZ which ended in armageddon. About 60-65 people with absolutely no sense in their heads crammed into a plastic tent. They had been on a 40 hour fast and had been doing special hyperventilating techniques all week. Ray is now maybe facing homicide charges for negligence because three people died and around 20 went to the hospital. Really scary is the fact that Ray won't talk to police. And he hasn't gone to the hospital to help the sick. And he's continuing with his preaching. Hehehehe, and now we get a lesson in seeing how Spiritual Warriors slither out of their stupid human tricks. Remember, Jim Jones and his followers? Guess this is the same thing, Spiritul Kool-Aid.

Ray apparently told people that it would feel like they were dying and so they didn't get up and walk out just because they felt uncomfortable. How can anyone trust anybody else that much?

First thing, I wondered when I heard about this, I was curious to know if Ray is a Pluto in Virgo rather than a Pluto in Leo person. Pluto in Virgo can't mock the death rays the way that Pluto in Leo can because Pisces is always on the other end of its axis waiting to end things. The Leo flip side is Aquarius, collective consciousness. The Virgo flip side is Pisces, end o' the line, institution, victimization, and damn fine artists (the other qualities is why the Pluto in Virgo generation doesn't seem to be producing much great art, who wants to go there, after all?)

Ray's chart is extremely interesting in this case because he's a double Sagittarius with Sun squaring Pluto. Without a birth time we don't know the Moon's placement but the Moon may also be squaring Pluto. That would make a New Moon squaring Pluto in his birth chart. Since I don't know the birth time, I won't say anything about the Moon though.

But, Sun-Pluto in a square together reads on a very simple level "Ego challenges Power". Sun-Pluto people think they are transformers. They sort of turn spirituality into a tonka truck game because of this. Remember Lenny from Of Mice and Men? Thing is, they are "manifesters." They are very creative, of course, but they can also through use of will, create. Sometimes they can be lacking in vision and intelligence and compassion and that can be a drag. And, they have to watch out what they ask for and talk about because these two planets manifest absolutely everything, especially the deep, dark fears, that go through the native's head due to Pluto's need to confront all that is taboo. These people struggle with loneliness like you wouldn't believe.

Ray actually has four planets in Sagittarius. Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn Rx. This shows boundless enthusiasm and a buoyant spirit. It also can indicate a "Confidence Man" type of personality. Sagittarians don't really admit when they do wrong. They're used to getting away with things by use of their charms. That's why grumpy, guilty, karma tripping Capricorn has to follow. Pluto is passing from one of these signs to the other right now.

Donna Cunningham has written a great blog about Ray's chart on her website "Skywriter.com." She concentrates on Ray's natal Mars-Neptune-NN conjunction in Scorpio. I suppose I'd prefer to see that aspect in an old surfer myself, but New Age Guru sounds appropriate too.

Please also notice other aspects that play right into the Scorpio North Node, plus Mars and Neptune. One is a very prominent square between Venus and Jupiter in Rays' chart. Both planets have prominence and demand to be noticed. First, Venus in Capricorn is prominent because she has recently turned Retrograde by Progression over Ray's natal Chiron. In the progressed chart they are both conjunct to the degree. Venus rules everything that Ray seems to talk about in his lectures. Things having to do with wealth. Chiron represents the great sage who could teach others how to heal themselves but couldn't heal his own wounds. Venus going retrograde can be an assault on one's loveability. Ray won't admit it but just as his star was beginning to shine in 2003-4 his charms were actually dimishing. Wonder if he sold it -- his soul that is.

The second element of this square, Jupiter, is prominent in Ray's chart because it is a singleton in Air and is the dispositor of Ray's Sun and Moon, Mercury and Saturn. Also, by Secondary Progression it has just changed signs and has moved into Scorpio. Scorpio, Scorpio, Scorpio. Death, Sex and Taxes.

And Jupiter's influence keeps going. Ray's progressed Jupiter is now in conjunction that natal Neptune-Mars-NN conjunction which shows off his guru stuff. This, of course, sets off everything having to do with his destiny as ruled by the North Node. Strange how there's a mirror-image Jupiter-Neptune transit in the sky right now in conjunction with Chiron (Wounded Healer). This influence is so compounded right now in Ray's chart, it's scary. Plus, like I said, Sagittarius doesn't admit to wrongs committed and Neptune, well Neptune in an emergency just freaks out and runs. That's actually not bad. If you're useless in an emergency better to get the hell out than to stand around and cry the way I do.

And, so, this all ties right back into Ray's progressed Venus-Chiron conjunction because the two sets of planets are in the same spot with each other 15-25 Aquarius right now. And not only that but they were passing over the Ascendant just as this Sweat Lodge in Sedona began. And in addition to that they were involved in a Grand Trine with the Sun and the Moon on the day of the tragedy. There you go with more positive aspects. The fact that the people at the sweat lodge were suffering and didn't either ask for help or just get up and walk out demonstrates Noel Tyl's interpretation of the Grand Trine aspect, which is just that, people under this aspect influence don't seem to be able to reach out and ask for help. (Of course, people born with a Grand Trine are generally given help).

As I said, as of 2003-4, Ray's progressed Venus has been moving in Retrograde motion. That bodes ill for a person's loveability (sp?) quotient. Venus is related to one on one relationships and to self-esteem related to material wealth. It's almost as if Venus tempted him with extreme amounts of these wonderful things and now is going to pull it all out from under him. I actually can't find any information about Ray's relationship status, married, single, gay, straight, but that would seem to be involved in some way.

Ray's got to go through this kind of hell because he's got a natal square between Sun and Pluto, both power planets that manifest a person's deepest fears in the real world. The square likes to throw big challenges at you related to whatever planets it hooks together.

James Arthur Ray

b. Nov. 22, 1957 Honolulu, HI (wiki)

Sun 1 Sagittarius; Moon Sagittarius; NN 10 Scorpio

Moving on, another 1957 guy, one of the United States' richest men, Raj Rajaratnam, Hedge Fund Manager. Rajaratnam's company, Galleon Group, has been making 10 percent income in spite of everyone else's losses. That's less than what Bernie Madoff was making but is still pretty good. Rajaratnam has been arrested for Insider Trading. I can't make heads or tails out of the situation, it was like this with Martha Stewart too. This is more complicated high finance games that I don't understand. This guy was prodding his employees to get "the edge."That's the only story we get and my reaction is "Welcome to the States, mean bastard. You will do well here." Can you really be arrested for this though? Guess I don't have the full story. Anyway, this guy also has a weird name. It's like his parents were stuttering on his last name when they wrote the info down for the birth certificate, like Eric Ericson, Sam Samson. Why bother giving the kid a first name at all? Maybe it's only a nickname.

This guy gets arrested during his Mars Return in Cancer. His progressed Mars and Pluto are in conjunction at the end of Leo. What is that Star that hangs out at the end of Leo? It's a sign of great success and then loss of great success. Maybe he did get a little too aggressive. A Gemini Sun with a Cancer Mars guy is going to be a little bit of a mood swinger. He's been arrested so he must be getting messed up by the Neptune transit in some way. My computer is getting messed up by something else so I can't really look it up right now.

Raj Rajaratnam

b. June 15, 1957 Sir Lanka (I used Colombo, but I don't have a city)

Sun 24 Gemini; Moon Capricorn or Aquarius; NN 18 Scorpio

And moving on from that another 1957 guy, Stewart Nozette, a bigwig Scientist with the Feds, has been caught and arrested for trying to sell information to the Israelis. Aren't the Israelis our allies? Do they need to buy our secrets? They probably made our secrets. Why bother going over the Government's head on that one? This guy was one of the scientists who was responsible for thinking that there may be water on the Moon and I know that the scientists are really bored by how boring the bombing was. Something about not being able to see a plume after the bomb was dropped. Maybe the bomb missed the target and no one wants to admit it.

I do know that this Moon failure thing brings us back to the big Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square in the sky that is trying to resolve itself through its Geminian/Cancerian empty leg.

Stewart Nozette

b. May 20, 1957 Chicago, Il (source)

Sun 30 Taurus; Moon Aquarius; NN 20 Scorpio


This guy, Stewart Nozette, like the Guru, has a Sun-Pluto square as well. The Moon in his chart is also possibly involved in a t-square with Sun and Pluto.

So, anyway, these guys have the Scorpio North Nodes which is said to be a toughie. The Pluto transit is just really hooking them in. Frightening. Okay, so I've got major computer weirdness and am going to have to quit.

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Blogger California Girl said...

James Arthur Ray - is this another blabberhead Sag? I find it irritating when "New Age" gets lumped in with people like this. I have no problem with the concepts behind "The Secret" from which he gained much publicity. What I have a problem with is people who jump on to other's traditions (sweat lodge) and bastardize it to their own purposes. I would also think that if I did pay $9K for a "seminar", it would include a paramedic on site and something a little more elegant than a patched together tent made of blue plastic tarps.
As for "easy" aspects, they sometimes tend to let people get hoisted by their own petard. It allows them to think they can get away with things or to think they have a charmed life and nothing bad can happen. The so-called good aspects don't necessarily have a good outcome.

8:21 AM  

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