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Friday, December 18, 2009

Athlete of the Decade

The Associated Press has suddenly decided to declare an Athlete of the Decade now that we're closing in on ending the first 10 years of the 21st millenium. It's sort of amusing to see how after all the year 2000 lists we are ending this decade with almost no lists, no greatest of all time lists. At any rate, the Athlete of the Decade has been declared Tiger Woods who as everyone knows, is a golfer. I was fascinated to read the list of all the finalists which included Lance Armstrong (cycling), Roger Federer (tennis) and Michael Phelps (swimming). I believe there was a football player in there. But all the biggest names were, well, they were all men, of course, and they were also single players. I don't know if this is a sign of the times or if team players have their own lists. I'd certainly think that there is a huge difference between team players and single competitors. It will be interesting to see if other lists come out.

I looked back to see if AP put out a list for 1990-1999 and didn't find one. Some other Sports group listed Barry Bonds as Player of the Decade. That's just really funny at this point.

It's just amazing to see how much incredible sports was played. Of course, I wasn't watching much of it.

To get a little astrobabble in here I just noticed how prominent Virgo is. Lance Armstrong has Sun and Moon in Virgo. Tiger Woods and Roger Federer have have Virgo Rising. Maybe this only applies to sports which are played on land. Michael Phelps doesn't seem to have this prominence unless he's got a Virgo Rising (I don't have his time). He's a Water Sign in a Water Sport.

Tiger Woods
Dec. 20, 1975 10:50 PM Long Beach, CA

Sun 9 Capricorn; Moon 23 Sagittarius; ASC 25 Virgo; MC 24 Gemini; NN 21 Scorpio

Lance Armstrong
b. Sept. 18, 1971 12:00 pm Plano, TX

Sun 26 Virgo; Moon Virgo; NN15 Aquarius

Roger Federer
b. Aug. 8, 1981 8:40 am Bale, Suisse

Sun 16 Leo; 12 Virgo Rising; NN 2 Leo

Michael Phelps
b. June 30, 1985

Sun 9 Cancer; Moon Sagittarius; NN 18 Taurus

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